Stranger Things to Marvel at in The World of Monopoly…

stranger things monopoly

The world of Monopoly just got more exciting! I was in a book shop in town last week and spotted  Stranger Things Monopoly and then round the corner, Marvel Monopoly.

marvel monopoly 2

Cool! There’s so many different types of Monopoly you can get nowadays. It’s no longer just that regular board game it used to be. It’s 21st century Monopoly that keeps moving with the times.

They also had the DC Comics Monopoly.

You can even get Ghostbusters Monopoly, Game of Thrones Monopoly, Lord of the Rings Monopoly, Star Wars Monopoly, Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly. The list goes on…

If you’re feeling bored. Board games just got a lot more exciting! 🙂

pirates of the carribean monopoly

Most of the Monopoly games retail around £20-25, But looks like the Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly has journeyed onto the Stranger Tides of Collectors Items, hard to get and costing over £200! Ouch!

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