Quotes about Fairy tales…

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Who doesn”t remember their favourite fairy tale from childhood?  These stories are timeless. And you will still remember them today probably over any other books you have read as an adult. Here are some Quotes From Famous People on the Power of Fairy tales…

Fairytale Quote Einstein

Fairytales Quote Audrey Hepburn

William butler yeats meme3

Fairytale Quote CS Lewis

Fairytale Quote JR Tolkien

Fairytale Quote Neil Gaiman

Fairytale Quote Jack Zipes

Fairytale Quote Angela Carter

Faiytale Quote2 CS Lewis

Fairytale Quote Lewis Caroll

Fairytale Quote Hans christian Anderson

Fairytale Quote L Frank Baum


3 thoughts on “Quotes about Fairy tales…

  1. Indeed, the centrality of the quotes are on imagination (and fantasy), which is also the main theme of “The Neverending Story”. The lovely song includes the use of sitar.

    I would also like to thank you for sharing these quotes.

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    The post also contains a very detailed and logical discussion on various issues regarding quotations, including the cognitive and social influences on decision making in relation to interpreting and using quotations, as well as how to select and use quotes wisely.

    Happy March to you soon!

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