To see a Heaven in a Wild Flower…

Dandelion Flower and Tick Tock Dandelion Clock

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour”
Auguries of Innocence by William Blake

I paused to stop and stare when I saw a Red Admiral Butterfly poised upon a Bright Yellow Dandelion Flower on a country walk. Some see a Wild Flower. Other’s see a Weed. It doesn’t really matter. These things exist irrespective of what people think of them and serve their own purpose and exist for their own reasons. They are life like the rest of life. Part of the whole. And for the Bees and the Butterflies the Bright Yellow Dandelion is a welcome haven. (These photos aren’t great because I was using a camera phone and it’s not very good quality but you get the picture!)

The labelling is similar to how some people view certain animals some giving them unfair labels like pest or vermin, while others might love that same species. People can even do this unfairly to some groups of people yet we all have the right to equality. Peoples viewpoints can lead to death and destruction. Or revering something. Or being indifferent. It’s all subjective.

Maybe something is okay in one place but not viewed as being okay if it appears somewhere else. But again everything exists for its own right and for its own reasons regardless of what labels humans give to them. Everything is just trying to survive and is entitled to do so. Maybe sometimes humans don’t see the bigger picture, are apart from it rather than existing within it. Still these things will try their best to survive.

Sea Life Quote A D Williams

Everything has it’s place in the world and has just as much right to be here as you or I. The grotesque slaughter of wildlife and the indifference to the suffering of animals on the planet in general is equally destructive to the whole of human kind. The Butterfly Effect. And the obsession of where one thing belongs and another doesn’t belong, makes no sense. As nature is never static. We are all native to one place. Planet Earth. Nobody owns it. We all belong here equally.

Alan Watts Nature Environment Quote

We need wildlife, plants, various landscapes and water sources, trees, different races and cultures and all the diversity of life the planet offers. To continue on a destructive path of cruelty and bloodshed, control, oppression and materialism can only lead to a Dystopian future dominated by humans and technology.

In a world of curves and oceans enforcing outdated grid systems is futile. The planet is round. It will never be a square! Nature is always in movement. It doesn’t stand still in a cage. Life is always in transition. To stagnate is to die. Birds migrate, animals move, people move, things are always in flow. Nature is always evolving. There’s far too much demonisation of things and destruction. People need to chill out and let things be. There is a natural homeostasis. Sometimes we need to leave nature alone. Life is short. Below are some Words of Wisdom from Alan Watts.

In that whole rugged area I walked through the only few flowers were dandelions as they can grow where other life may not be able to. They push on through despite the odds. They provided nourishment to the Butterfly sustaining life. Dandelions are edible and people have been using them for centuries. The dandelion could be the one thing that kept the butterflies and the bees going in that area. In that place the dandelion was welcome and left alone but in other places it might not have been.

country Road.jpg

What child didn’t pick up a dandelion and blow them in the wind and make a wish. As their little parachute parts scattered they exhaled air in hope as they released their wishes in the wind. If one approached you in the breeze it was viewed as a fairy, so you’d run after it and if you caught it then a wish may have been within your grasp as you cupped it in your hand whispering your intent and letting it go again.

wish dandelion gif

The humble dandelion has it’s place. Quite simply it’s a wild flower. A flower that grows in the wild. Not the most exciting flower, not the most loved flower, not the most exotic flower, but still the one upon which dreams are made and wishes sent out in the wind. And so one day I marvelled at the simplicity yet intricity of a dandelion and the butterfly that landed upon it.

Yellow Primroses

The only other flowers growing in that area were yellow primroses though they were very few. On the way back I saw a huge caterpillar crossing the road. I wondered what type of Butterfly or Moth it will become… (If you know what type of caterpillar this is let me know.) The Caterpillar and the Butterfly both need The Dandelion, in fact the Dandelion is one of the Caterpillars favourite flowers.

I also pondered on the fact that outdoors in nature, we see the Caterpillar and we see the Butterfly. But we never see the Cocoon. It’s hidden away. Yet that is where the real growth takes place. In a dark fragile place of struggle yet a strength of determination to break through to something new and different. It’s only through experiencing the dark and lonely cocoon that transformation begins and wings are found.

Furry Caterpillar

There are so many wild flowers and dandelions are very common place. So much so that you never think about them. They are kind of ordinary. My favourite wildflowers are blankets of bluebells in the forest. I’m sure there are parts of the world where the most amazing and colourful wildflowers exist. Here it’s mainly daisies, dandelions and daffodils. I like red roses best but you don’t see them in the wild here, at least I haven’t. Still none of those other flowers metamorphisise quite like the dandelion. It’s clever and resilient. I never paid attention to them before but when I saw the butterfly it reminded me how important they are considering so many insect populations are dying.


Periwinkle Shells on Sandy Beach Photo

Then there’s sand. When you look closely there are so many colours. And there are so many different types of pebbles and shells. I totally love the beach. Deserted uncommercialised ones.

It is amazing to be near the Ocean and this is where I feel most at home. I prefer nature and countryside to cities and it is amazing to be on beautiful stretches of coast that remain off the beaten track. When I stare out to sea I can Dream… Dream of the amazing places that the Sea could carry you to. And the World beyond the Horizon…

Beach in Donegal Ireland



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