GYPSY MUSIC and Vintage GYPSY Photos

I have long been fascinated with the old Romantic notion of the Gypsies and the old style caravans and the stories of people on the move. Their lifestyles, their stories and folklore, their fashions, their music, their culture and their restless spirits. Those old style caravans really call to me and I feel as if I have Wanderlust in my blood and am happiest on the road. Sometimes I prefer the journey to the destination. In fact it’s the journey I like. (Unless I’m in an aeroplane, don’t like flying!)

In the modern world people are busy moving from A to B. And even people who are taking a vacation often fly quickly from one destination to another. I suppose cause of time limits. In an ideal world I would like to travel by Land and Sea and live in the moment and be immersed in nature as much as possible. It is the point between A and  B I want to see! The “Journey” is as much about travelling as the “Destination”.

Vintage Bohemian Gypsy Girl

Vintage Gypsy Girl Photo

Vintage Gypsy Bohemian Couple photo

Vintage Gypsy Caravan on Road photo

Vintage Roma Gypsy Caravan Photo

vintage Gypsy Family Photo

Vintage Gypsy Girl and Child photo  

Vintage Irish Gypsies photos

Vintage Gypsy Girl Melancholy Photo

Has anyone got any favourite gypsy style music, old or modern? If so, feel free to share…

Gypsy Caravan Girl and Fox Art

Gypsy Girl in Caravan with Wolves Art


4 thoughts on “GYPSY MUSIC and Vintage GYPSY Photos

  1. I too find their life style fascinating, not so much the new age gypsies. They had such a wanderlust. Funny you posted this I’m in the process of writing a poem about them. The photos are inspiring.

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    1. Interesting that you are writing a Gypsy poem. Yes enchanting photos. Old photography had a certain magical soulful quality that’s captivating. I like New Age Travellers too and any kind of travellers! But the old style caravans are the most exquisite and ornate. Looking forward to reading your poem. 🙂

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  2. Hi there,
    I’m so glad i’m not the only one who feels the same way about the gypsy lifestyle. I’ve always admired them, even though they have faced so much hate throughout history, they are a very interesting lot. Their culture, lifestyle, music and fashion is just so magical, and perhaps its their otherwordliness and shadowy ambiguity that make society feel distrustful and hestitant towards them. I think we have a lot to learn about the gypsies, like their closeness with nature, their thirst for adventure and their love of true freedom, unconstrained by boarders, status/class or religion. They live a life that is so carefree and so natural, its simple yet magical. One of my favourite book series feature gypsies and the best part is the gypsies are depicted in a very positive and beautiful light. Its called The Grey Wolves Series and the spin off series which focuses more on the gypsies is called The Gypsy Healer series by Quinn Loftis.

    Few of my favourite songs about gypsies are; Gypsy by Shakira, Gypsy by Lady Gaga, I Recall a Gypsy Woman by Donn Williams. If you ever get the chance, here are two poems about gypsies that I think might interest you:

    Love the photos btw.

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  3. Wow Goldinie what an amazing response. I am glad you liked my post. The photos are old vintage ones that are circulating on the internet. I agree that these are a much persecuted and misunderstood people. Though only in the mainstream media. Which is a very narrow view of the world. And yes there is much to learn from them and their resilience and their ways of life as well as their art and music and their ability to live off the land. The current world situation shows us how over reliant the world is on current systems and that people could become more self reliant growing their own veg etc and learn much from roaming people. There is a romance and a magic I agree.

    I went to Transylvania last October and I saw a beautiful gypsy girl on the bus with her handsome boyfriend or husband. She had long dark hair and a shimmering colourful skirt and was remarkably beautiful looking. A magical beauty. I then met a couple on the plane on the way back that had some gypsy type friends from near Bucharest that were into tarot, fortune telling kind of stuff as well as a kind of deep mystical spirituality and interest in natural healing and an intuitive way of living in the world. It was really intriguing for this girl on the plane to tell me about these people.

    Thanks for sharing those poems. I love the first one but the second says video unavailable. That book series sounds absolutely amazing. Will have to check it out. ❤❤❤


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