The Weekly Pele Report with Kaypacha-Antalya Turkey-June 19th 2019 -Astrology for the Soul – New Paradigm Astrology

Here is the ever positive inspirational Kaypacha still on location with The Weekly Pele Report. Astrology for the Soul June 19th 2019. New Paradigm Astrology.

This week the cool hippie astrologer is still in Antalya Turkey in glorious sunshine overlooking blue sea. He has been there delivering a Yogic Astrology Journey Retreat.

His mantra for this week is:

“Sometimes I simply need to withdraw,
From the madness going on,
To create, protect, and hold the space,
Of my peaceful, loving home.”

So what do the Stars have in Store this week?

He says…

It’s a time to put in some extra effort to stay where we are and maintain what we have. There is a Mars / Saturn opposition which goes back to April of last year.

“You can go back to that time to see what you let go of, what you decided for the future, and know that this is a testing time to bring those new goals into fruition.”

“On top of that, not mentioned in the report, is that the roots of the Venus opposite Jupiter go back to mid January of this year. Maybe you started a new art project, love relationship, or other creative endeavor? Perhaps both of these oppositions occurring now point to both long term goals and short term projects coming to a head and wanting to manifest out in the external world? So yes, this can be challenging, but by pushing through and holding to our “guns” so to speak, we “establish” who we are and what we want in “our” world. May it be peaceful and loving and powerful!”

Turkey looks absolutely beautiful. I have never actually been to Turkey but watching his videos and hearing about what he has seen and heard about in Turkey is making me want to visit. šŸ™‚ Apparently it has “The Worlds Oldest Temple”.

You can find out more about New Paradigm Astrology here.

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