Calling Fellow Bloggers! Or more experienced Bloggers… Need Advice re Upgrading Blog to new Personal or Premium Plan….

Hi there fellow bloggers. I was wanting some advice. I have been blogging for about a year on WordPress and am now wanting to upgrade to either the Personal or Premium Plan. But have a few questions!!! So if you are someone that has upgraded your site from the basic one to the personal or premium maybe you can advise me!

Here’s what I want to know….

Domain Names

-Do you get your new domain name free when you upgrade? Is it included in price? Or do you pay extra?
-When I go to upgrade it asks for my bank details first but I would rather check and see if domains I want are available?
-Are you better buying your domain name separately and tagging it on. Does this work?
-Where is the best place to buy a domain name in your opinion?
-When your domain name is a bit different from your wordpress name does it affect old links?
-Do you keep your original wordpress address also when you upgrade? And can you revert back to it if you don’t review a domain name in the future?


-If I change my domain name I will probably want to change my email contact as well to reflect the domain name so is this possible given that you set the blog up with another email?


-When you upgrade will it affect current posts and draft posts in any way?
-Will you lose any information?
-Will your site look exactly the same. Same theme layout everything. Just a different domain name?
-Your posts that are already found on google will they still be floating out there under the old domain name?
-And if people click on them will they be redirected to the new domain name?

Comments and Likes

-Will you lose any comments or likes if you upgrade your site?


-Will all images remain the same?


-Will your Theme look exactly the same? Would like to stick with same one.


-I started blogging as a Creative Outlet so not sure exactly how websites make money or if I need premium? Has it been good for you?
-My main reason for upgrading is to get rid of the hideous advertisements that pop up. You need to pay to get rid of them.

I am presuming that when you upgrade it is pretty simple, straightforward and simple, your site looks exactly the same, the name changes and all the old links out there are redirected to the new domain and no 404’s show up.

Have you had a good or bad experience upgrading?

Is it harder having a personal or premium site or pretty similar?

Any tips?

Any things to watch out for?

Would be grateful for any advice. Many Thanks. 🙂

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***UPDATE*** All sorted…. I am now 🙂

I created a domain name not long after this post and everything is sorted. So if you are new to blogging / websites and want any of the above questions answered just post a comment or message me on the contact page. 🙂

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