The Kadupul Flower – Mystic Queen of the Night – Elusive and Priceless

The Kadupul Flower, a beautiful white and yellow flower of a species of cactus plant from Sri Lanka is exceptionally rare and is also known as “Queen of the Night” ,”Flower from the Moon” and “Ghost Flower”.


They are thought to be The most Expensive Flowers in the World. This is because they simply cannot be bought and are therefore literally Priceless. They have never made it to the shops or online, they are the flower that can never be purchased and that come with no price tag. An unattainable treasure of nature. They cannot be picked without being damaged. Once picked they will quickly die. Their Beauty is Fleeting and Nocturnal.

Kadupul flower Priceless

They take about a year to bloom and then blossom for only around an hour or so and are Dead before Dawn. Only surviving One Night. The flowers of the Kadupul tend to bloom between 10pm to 11pm and continue for a couple of hours, completely in bloom at Midnight, before wilting before Sunrise. Once all of the buds are revealed, the flowers release a sweet fragrance. They tend to bloom on a Monthly basis, on Full Moon days. One plant can have over 100 flowers.

They come from Sri Lanka where they are known as Kadupul Mal or “Flower from Heaven”. In India, they are called Brahma Kamalam, named after the Hindu God of Creation, Lord Brahma. It is thought that if people pray to God while the flower is blooming their wishes will be granted.

In China this flower is used to describe someone who has a spectacular but very short lived moment of glory, like a “flash in a pan”, a brief success, since the flower can take a year to bloom and only blooms over a single night. A One Hit Wonder, so to speak! A One Night Love Affair. A magical memorable moment with a big impact.

Bob Seger – We’ve Got Tonight (The Wonder Years) (Subtitulado) – YouTube-Segment 1 from Arthur J on Vimeo.

Anyway they are a very Fascinating Flower. Very mysterious. The Flower that Money Cannot buy. Ethereal and Ephemeral. Forever Elusive and out of reach. Even their bloom is rare to see. Only adding to their intrigue and mystery. The Mystic Queen of the Night…


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