Fairy Tree on the edge of Forest in County Donegal, Ireland

Fairy Tree Door and Path

Fairy Garden Sign Fairy Tree Donegal Ireland

Here are some photos of a cute Fairy Tree in a Forest Park in County Donegal, Ireland. I passed by it before embarking on a beautiful walk last week.

Fairy Door in Fairy Tree in Forest in Ireland

It’s not a Fairy Tree of legend as such, it’s a tree that had been made into a Fairy tree for decorative purposes but children love it. I went here last week and walked passed this and on to the nature trail to the beautiful beach.

Fairy People and Fairy Table and Chairs in Forest

Above is a miniature table and chairs with some fairy folk. And below is a little Shell person and then a Fairy Washing Line. Cause Irish Fairies are hardworking little folk. 😉

Fairy Shell Person

Fairy Washing Line

Fairy Tree Donegal Ireland

This was the beginning of the Nature Trail. And into the Forest.

Nature Trail near Fairy Tree Irish Forest

Forest Park in Ireland

I am going to write a separate post about the walk in the forest as I have got a really magical photo of something I saw in there. Stay tuned! 🙂


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