Walking on a Forest Trail in Donegal, Ireland, Hole Stones and a Very Magical, Spooky, almost Paranormal Tree Photo….

Soooo, last week I was in County Donegal, Ireland. We went to an absolutely beautiful Forest Park which I love. I went there for the first time about this time last year and am going to write a post about that. This time it wasn’t sunny but the weather was mild.

Fairy Tree Door and Path

After spending some time at the Fairy Tree we started our walk. More photos of the Fairy Tree here. 

Nature Trail

Nature Trail near Fairy Tree Irish Forest

Embarked upon The Nature Trail which was absolutely beautiful through the forest. I took photos along the way which I will share now. I love this forest park because as well as having the trees and forests it leads to beautiful beaches and specifically a cove which I love to swim in. And the water in coves is a little warmer. The reason I am writing this post is because I got a really fascinating picture of a tree which I need to talk about.

Let’s start with 3 – The Magic Number. I took photos of numbers I liked along the way. Or simply numbers I saw. Can’t remember seeing them all.

Three’s the MAGIC Number

Threes the Magic Number Forest Ireland

Then through beautiful wooded areas.

Walking through the Forest

Forest Donegal Ireland

Forest Park Donegal Ireland

Forest Park County Donegal Ireland

Up the steps…. The Trees stand in line with arms outstretched.

Where will these Steps lead to…

Steps in Magical Forest Ireland

Past a Hole Stone.

Hole Stone

Holestone Donegal Ireland

Had to look back.

Holestone County Donegal Ireland

And on through some dense growth.

A Path in The Woods

Wild Forest Donegal Ireland

Path in Forest Donegal Ireland

That piece of wood on the right looks like a girl sitting there. From a distance.

The Girl of the Forest revealing and gazing into a Magical Realm

Forest Hike Donegal Ireland

Here’s the Number Eight. A nice feminine number.

No. 8 – Power, Success, a New Career and Financial abundance could be coming my way…

Number Eight in forest Donegal Ireland

Passed another Holestone. This photos a bit blurry. I just use a standard mobile phone to take photos.


Holestone in forest donegal Ireland

Holestone Forest County Donegal Ireland

Another interesting tree… This one below reminded me of an elephants trunk and open mouth. It made me think of the Hindu God Ganesh. That is the Hindu deity I am most drawn to. As well as Durga or Shakti who is depicted with 8 limbs and 3 eyes.

This is interesting because after this forest walk and beach swim I ended up in an amazing Indian cafe with many images and statues of Ganesh and elephants. I will be posting about it because it’s a superb place to go and eat.

Hollowed Tree – Elephant Tree

Looks like an Elephants Trunk and open mouth.

And Tree Root.

Tree Root

Tree Root Donegal Ireland

Now for some Dancing Trees.

Bring on the Dancing Trees

Dancing Trees Forest Donegal Ireland

Here’s where things get really Magical. I saw this tree below and was really drawn to it. It looked like an actual being of sorts. I thought maybe a Dragon or some other animal I can’t quite visualise. Or a mixture of human and animal a type of tree spirit. On first viewing this I immediately took a photo. Then I went in closer and snapped these. You can clearly see a face there and an eye to the right. The hole in the centre is kind of fascinating and the fact the tree is old and green. It’s a Green Man!

On reflection I know what animal this tree reminds me of. A donkey. Bizarrely. But not in the usual sense. As it’s more mischievous looking whereas a normal donkey is more cute and innocent and a little sad looking. This image kind of called to mind the Greek God Dionysus as Donkeys were sacred to him and he wore a crown of ivy and there is ivy in this photo. It looks like it’s smiling and Dionysus was a wild one!

The MAGIC Tree of The Forest

Looks like a Dragon or Donkey or some kind of Animal Spirit….

Now this photo below was taken before I had taken the above photos of the tree. It wasn’t until I looked back through my photos later that I saw how Magical it looked. Yes it’s kind of blurry. But the tree in the centre is clearer than the surrounding image.


Magical Tree Magical Portal Donegal Ireland

It really looks like a circle, a ring around the tree. A kind of vortex or web. Perhaps a Magical Portal. Ha ha. Who knows? I’ve never taken a photo like this. I am sure some experienced photographer can explain this logically. Camera shake or something. But my hand wasn’t shaky. And I have never ever taken a photo like this. Anyway the photo is very interesting and enchanting. And  I think it says something of the energy of the tree. If you tried to take a photo like that you couldn’t.

It was the third photo I took of that tree. This was the first photo. It looks a bit different here but still kind of alive in a something more than a plant, kind of way. It looks like it has an eye and little arms. I find trees like that really interesting.


Magic Tree in Forest Donegal Ireland

I also felt a really enchanted vibe in this forest. I absolutely love it. It’s got real character. And it’s just really special.

While I was taking this photo I got a bit lost in time so to speak and then had to rush to catch up. I will write another post about the rest of the walk as this is the point we got near the beach. I like this photo because it looks like two Arch ways. One obvious one and then another formed by the Tree branches. Like two little worlds perhaps symbolising parallel worlds or the otherworldly.

MAGICAL Archways – Perhaps symbolising Parallel Worlds or the Otherworldly…

Arch Ways in Forest Photo Donegal Ireland

Forests are always enchanting. A Walk in the Woods can be so stimulating.


(All Photographs in this article are the property of SupernaturalHippie.com – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.)

18 thoughts on “Walking on a Forest Trail in Donegal, Ireland, Hole Stones and a Very Magical, Spooky, almost Paranormal Tree Photo….

    1. Yeah I love forests in general. That’s a nice one although not a very big one. What makes it really cool is that it’s right beside the ocean and leads to a beach. And there’s also a really good adventurous playground there too. And a little coffee shop / ice-cream parlour. So there’s something for everyone really. Its one of my favourites cause you do a lovely forest walk then go for a swim. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes that’s one of my favourite forest parks and it’s right beside the sea so going to post more about it and when the path leads to the ocean. And also about other forest parks Ive been to. Yeah I do think that place is kind of magical. And when you go in theyve made one of the trees into a fairy tree. I did a post about that too. It’s cute. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is a beautiful place. I also live by the ocean, and am in Nova Scotia where we are lucky to have some magical places like that. Lots of good energy in places like that, and I love that someone made one of the trees into a fairy tree.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh wow that’s awesome. I just googled Nova Scotia. It looks awesome. One day I hope to visit Canada. It seems like a really amazing country. I have never been there. Blissful to live by the Ocean. I actually don’t live right by the ocean but I cycle out to places near the ocean and also go off on trains and buses to places or head off when friends are going places. I live within travelling distance of the sea. This year I really want to move somewhere in Ireland that is right beside the sea, I am just deciding where and then try and get a job where I want to go. I have lived near the sea in the past and this is when I have felt happiest. Ocean in front. Trees behind. I also want to travel and live in spiritual, mystical, holistic coastal places. I like places with an arty, musical, bohemian vibe. Here is the link to the little post about the Fairy Tree. The photos aren’t brilliant as I just use a camera phone. 🙂 It’s near the car park as you go in.



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