Caife Ganesh – Very Veggie Friendly Cafe & Restaurant in County Donegal, Ireland

Caife Ganesh Veggie Friendly Restaurant Bunbeg Donegal

Caife Ganesh and Himalayan Restaurant Bunbeg Gweedore Donegal Ireland

So, I recently discovered an absolutely beautiful little restaurant / cafe in Bunbeg, Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland. It is a Himalayan cafe / restaurant serving Indian and Nepalese food, Chinese food, European dishes, Pizza, snacks and lots more.

Caife Ganesh Indian Restaurant Counter Drinks and Desserts Bunbeg Donegal Ireland

You can eat inside in lovely surroundings or get a take away or snack. They also do a range of FRESH juices. I had the carrot, apple, ginger and orange. Lovely. Fresh made, invigorating and good value at 4 Euros.

Caife Ganesh Fresh Fruit and Veg Juice Bunbeg Donegal Ireland

The place is very bright and colourful with a supremely positive vibe and very helpful and friendly staff. There are lots of positive mantras on the wall and an adventurous travel vibe. 

It mixes Ireland with India. Nice. I’d call it a “Spiritual Cafe”. Whoever opened it has very good taste. I love stumbling upon little places like this with a mystical feel.

Caife Ganesh Bunbeg Donegal Interior

It’s walking into a little exotic world and there are lots of images of Elephants and the Hindu God Ganesh. I adore this beautifully intricate colourful Elephant Wall Hanging.

Caife Ganesh Donegal Elephant Wall Hanging

Cafe Ganesh Donegal Ireland Elephant Wall Tapestry

And this vibrant colourful painting.

Caife Ganesh Donegal Ganesh Painting

There are several statues of Ganesh throughout the restaurant.

Caife Ganesh Bunbeg Gweedore Donegal Ireland Ganesh Elephant Head Carving

Caife Ganesh Himalyan Restaurant Donegal Ireland Ganesh Statue

What I love most about this Cafe is that it is very VEGGIE friendly so if you are a Vegetarian or Vegan you will absolutely love it. I had a vegetable curry with rice and salad and it was absolutely beautiful. Bursting with flavour and delightfully fresh. Highly recommend. FIVE stars! 🙂 Then there’s a choice of fresh home made desserts…

Caife Ganesh Bunbeg Donegal Ireland Freshly Made Desserts

There is also a superb range of drinks that you won’t find anywhere else in the local area.

Caife Ganesh Bunbeg Donegal Ireland Drinks Selection

Caife Ganesh Bunbeg Doengal Ireland Dalstons Cola with real cola nuts

This Eatery has it’s Ethical and Environmental Principles listed as you walk in. It’s already very successful and I believe if you are a business that has ethics and respect for the environment as your foundation, fresh ingredients, excellent customer service and have created a lovely clean, bright, artistic and creative ambience then you create a wonderful experience for customers and of course the business will follow.

They say they are… “passionate about keeping the environment clean and use as minimal packaging as possible and eco friendly products as well as filtered water to ensure customers get all the nutrients and minerals possible from their produce.”

Caife Ganesh Bunbeg Donegal Ireland Failte Welcome Mat

Add to this the food is excellent which is why I will 100% be going back. The excellent ambience and food quality is why this place already has excellent reviews on Trip Advisor and Facebook. There’s a lightness and a brightness and an air of positivity there that will brighten the rainiest day.

Cafe Ganesh Bunbeg Donegal Ireland Indian Restaurant

One of the things I loved most is that in a world of sameness and conformity it was refreshingly different, had a totally unique character and the surroundings were stimulating. There was also a lot of little things you could browse and buy like scarves, wall hangings, bags, snacks, drinks, soaps, incense which made it stand out. A little Pink Elephant bag caught my eye and maybe when I go back it might still be hanging there. But I doubt it. It was too cute!

If you fancy some incense and run out of soap you can also pick it up here. As well as a range of chocolate, crisps and snacks.

Caife Ganesh Bunbeg Donegal Ireland Nag Champa Incense for Sale

It also has a Call to Adventure as the people that work there are from different parts of the world and there is all this information on Everest Base Camp Treks. I spoke to one guy there who had hiked in the Himalayas and I find that exciting as I have never been that far afield. That part of the World does call to me though.

Caife Ganesh Travel Photos Gweedore Donegal Ireland

If you are visiting the beautiful beaches in the area or hiking up Mount Errigal it is worth dropping in here. They even do a VEGAN PIZZA. Yay! 🙂 Now that’s what I call moving with the times. In the heart of County Donegal in Rural Ireland this little place has really taken off and is a hit with tourists and locals alike. I love finding veggie friendly places and you won’t be disappointed if you pay Caife Ganesh a visit.

Caife Ganesh Bunbeg Derrybeg Gweedore Donegal Ireland Menus

Caife Ganesh Bunbeg Gweedore Donegal Ireland Dreams

Caife Ganesh Bunbeg Doengal Ireland All you Need is Love and Coffee

For more information on Caife Ganesh check out their website


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Update on Cafe Ganesh

Sadly Cafe Ganesh shut down in 2020 I think. That’s a shame as it was such a beautiful place. I’m not sure if they have set up elsewhere. But if anyone in the Donegal area knows, feel free to get in touch.

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