Night Walk – Around the time of the Summer Solstice 2019

On the night of the Solstice, which was the night after the official Summer Solstice Celebrations, I stayed out all night in nature and then walked back in the early hours of the morning with some friends.

I got a couple of photos on the way there and back. 🙂 Not the best quality as with all my photos as I am just using a Samsung Mobile Phone Camera. But you get the picture…

Bridge on River at Night

Wooden Carving Solstice Walk

Night Walk Solstice 2019

We chilled out, played music, had a few drinks, bit of a dance about. Just cool to be out at night. It’s a different world at night. And so Peaceful. And Mysterious.

Full Moon and Stone solstice 2019

Walking back this scene was amazing to view in Nature. The colour of the sky was so much more vivid, an amazing shade of blue. I tried to capture what I was seeing. I love the two photos below. Silhouette photography.

Enchanted Summer Solstice Walk June 2019

Enchanted Summer Solstice Walk Ireland 2019

I like the last 2 pictures the best. It’s really Enchanting to walk at night when there’s no-one else around. Just you and Nature. And Night Wildlife.

There’s a different kind of nature at night, a totally different type of atmosphere. The trees seem different and there are different animals about. A lot of nocturnal creatures rustling as well as white moths flying about and bats which are cool.

On one occasion walking at night I saw the most amazing white cat. The whitest I’ve ever seen, it almost glowed. Then later a ginger cheshire type cat crossed my path and sat in the middle of the path. Very tame actually so not sure if it lived in the wild or was just having a little adventure. It actually approached me to pet it. Really like cats. They’re so cute.

Anyway I wonder if anywhere in the world there is Night Walking Groups or Night Cycling groups for all the Night Owls out there. Even Night Swimming. Now that would be cool. 🙂

Maybe someone reading this is a Night Owl that goes hiking, cycling or swimming at night. If you like this post you may also like my poem “The Midnight World” 


(This post and photos are by – Not to be reproduced without prior consent.)

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