Feeling Restless? Here are some great Songs about Escapism and Running off into the Sunset…

Here are some great songs about escaping, running away. heading off into the Sunset. Maybe you like some of these or maybe there is another song that calls to you more on this subject. If so, feel free to share. 🙂

Everybody’s Talkin’ – Harry Nilsson – 1969

“Everybody’s Talkin’ ” is a world famous song by American Singer Songwriter Harry Nilsson that has become a classic. It first became a hit in 1969 and won a Grammy Award after it was featured in the critically acclaimed 1969 movie “Midnight Cowboy” starring Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman. It is also known as “The Theme from Midnight Cowboy” and falls into the genre of Folk Rock. In 1994 it featured in the movie “Forrest Gump” and has appeared in many other films and TV shows. It tells the desire of a man to retreat from society and move near the ocean and feel the sunshine and the summer breeze.

Runaway – The Corrs – 1995

“Runaway” is the debut single by Irish Family Band “The Corrs” released in 1995 and again in 1999 where it peaked at No.2 on the UK Singles Chart. The video was shot in Dublin in black and white with flashes of colour and featured locations such as Phoenix Park. It falls into the genre of Pop Rock and Folk Rock.

Wake Me up – Avicii – 2013

“Wake Me up” was released by Swedish DJ and Record Producer Avicii in June 2013. It was a major European hit that became a Summer Anthem reaching Number 1 across most of Europe. It falls into the genre of Dance and Folktronica, a mixture of soul, country and pop. The video features a famous beautiful Russian Model Kristina Romanova. The talented Avicii died tragically aged just 28 in April 2018. He leaves us this beautiful song as a Call to Live the Life we dream of and surround ourselves with the people we feel connected to. Rest in Peace Avicii.

Lovers on the Sun – David Guetta – 2014

“Lovers on the Sun” is a song by French Musician David Guetta released the following summer, June 2014 and again was a popular summer hit. It falls into the genre of Country, Folk, Electronic Dance music and Avicii was actually one of the producers for the song. This song was inspired by Spaghetti Western film scores and the video has a Wild West theme staring actor Ray Liotta as the villain.

Love on the run – Chicane – 2003

“Love on the Run” was a popular dance track by English Electronic Dance Music Artist Chicane featuring Northern Irish singer Peter Cunnah. It falls into the genre of Dance Pop and was released February 2003.

I’m Free – The Who – 1969

“I’m Free” is a song written by Pete Townsend and performed by “The Who” featuring Roger Daltrey on lead vocals. It falls into the genre of Rock Pop or Power Pop. It featured on the album “Tommy” the 4th studio album from The Who which is also a Rock Opera.

Run Baby Run – Sheryl Crow – 1993

“Run Baby Run” was a song by American Singer, Songwriter and Musician Sheryl Crow. It was released in 1993 and again 1994 and 1995. It featured on the album “Tuesday Night Music Club” and falls into the genre of Rock, Country, Folk Rock.

Runaway – Bon Jovi – 1984

“Runaway” was actually the debut single of 80’s American Rock Band, Bon Jovi and was released to radio in 1983. It became a hit single in 1984 from their debut album and was the first time they had entered the Top 40 charts and falls into the genre of Hard Rock. It features in a scene in the 7th episode of Season 2 of the Netflix Series “Stranger Things”.

Run to You – Bryan Adams – 1984

“Run to You” a song by Canadian Singer Songwriter Bryan Adams was released in 1984 and was the lead single from his 4th album “Reckless”. It is hugely popular and is one of Bryan Adams best know hits featuring on all his compilation albums. An 80’s Classic, it falls into the genre of Rock, Hard Rock, Heartland Rock. The song was originally written for “Blue Oyster Cult” but they turned it down. The video was shot in London and Los Angeles and features English actress Lysette Anthony.

Midnight Blue – Lou Gramm – 1987

“Midnight Blue” is a song by American Rock Singer and Songwriter Lou Gramm of “Foreigner” fame. It was released in 1987 and featured on his debut album “Ready or Not”. It’s his highest charting solo hit to date and falls into the genre of Pop Rock. I have also written a feature on Midnight Blue.

Moonlight Drive – The Doors – 1967

“Moonlight Drive” was a song from American Rock Band “The Doors” thought to be the first song written by Lead Singer Jim Morrison. It was released on their 2nd album “Strange Days” and is very poetic. It falls into the genre of Psychedelic Rock or Blues Rock. It was one of the early songs he wrote while living beside Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California. A perfect song of Escapism. I have also written a feature on Moonlight Drive.

Born to Be Wild – Steppenwolf – 1968

“Born to Be Wild” by Canadian American Rock Band Steppenwolf was released in 1968 and is now widely recognised as a Motorbike Anthem. It falls into the genre of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. It was their 3rd single off their 1968 debut album “Steppenwolf” and was their most successful and well known hit by far. This song rocketed them to fame as it was used in the 1969 Cult road movie “Easy Rider” starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson which is now a counterculture classic.

Ride Like the Wind – Christopher Cross – 1980

“Ride Like the Wind” by American Singer Songwriter Christopher Cross was released in 1980 as the lead single of his debut album. The song tells the story of a condemned criminal on the run to Mexico. He was on acid when he wrote the lyrics and was travelling from Houston to Austin, Texas. It falls into the genre of Soft Rock and did well in the charts.

Bob Seger – Turn The Page – 1973

“Turn the Page” was released on Amercian Singer Songwriter Pianist and Guitarist Bob Seger’s debut album in 1973. Despite being one of his most popular and well known songs it was never released as as a single. It’s an emotional song about the ups and downs of a Rock musicians life on the road. It’s a Road Song and  falls into the genre of Rock / Soul.

The Letter – The Box Tops – 1967

Saving the BEST for last here. I absolutely LOVE this song. 🙂 “The Letter” was released by American Rock Band “The Box Tops” in 1967. It was the groups first song and also their biggest hit reaching NO.1 in the charts in the USA and having major chart success elsewhere. It was written by Country Musician Wayne Carson who created the song based on an opening line suggested by his father; “Give me a Ticket for an Aeroplane”. It falls into the genre of Pop Rock and Soul and is highly regarded internationally.

Will leave you with the Theme from Midnight Cowboy.

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4 thoughts on “Feeling Restless? Here are some great Songs about Escapism and Running off into the Sunset…

  1. Thanks for reminding of these great songs.

    I’d have to include two of my all-time favorites, both by Bruce Springsteen. Thunder Road and Born to Run. There’s also “On the Road to Find out”, by Cat Stevens.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Gosh yeah “Born to Run”. LOVE that one. Might have to add it in there. 🙂 The other two I don’t think I know so I’m just checking them out. Thanks. I always like being introduced to songs I haven’t heard before.


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