Today I fancied a FIERY Vegetable Curry which I cooked to some FUNKY Music – Let’s get this FIRE started! :-)

So today, on yet another dreary Grey RAINY day, I was in the mood for a FIERY Vegetable curry with lots of RED, tomatoes, bell pepper and red chilli. And WARMTH and warm colours, carrots, lentils, SPICES. So I want to share with you all how easy it is to make a curry that will excite your senses and raise your vibration. So you can see the PASSION in Plant Based living.

First of all I am not a person that follows recipes. I have not learnt to cook as such. I am a TRAIL BLAZER not a path follower. Or at least I try to be. I look at what I have and throw it all together depending on my mood. Like all things in life you gotta work with what you’ve got and ADD a little bit of SPICE! 😉

Sometimes I will look at a recipe and adapt it. Or sometimes I know what vegetables I want to throw together and look for ideas. Mostly I just trust my gut. I trust what my body needs and I IMPROVISE. To have a healthy diet I believe is simple. Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, Pulses and Whole Grains, Plant based Protein, Plant Based Milk and LOTS of Fresh Water. It’s not always affordable to get organic but it is best for your body. I have not eaten animal products for decades for ethical, environmental and health reasons. I believe it is best for MIND, BODY and SPIRIT to eat a PLANT BASED Diet.

The Number ONE reason I eat a Plant Based Diet is ETHICAL. The cruelty in the Meat industry is pure sadism. And that’s putting it mildly. At the end of the day these people are slaughtering mostly infant animals in terror and pain. No one goes willingly to their death and 5 seconds of slaughterhouse footage should fill anyone with absolute horror. And if you can’t bear to look then don’t eat the end product of extreme animal cruelty and live in the dark. That lump of corpse marketed as Happy Farm represents a vast world of Hidden Violence. You just need to press Rewind. The Greatest Philosophers and Thinkers wrote about the Ethics of this.

I practice Non Violence and that starts with what you put in your mouth. Food should be GROWN not slaughtered. There is an ALTERNATIVE to the current Violence Based Food INDUSTRY which is all about MONEY. It’s not boring to be Vegetarian then Vegan it is positively liberating. Kindness, Empathy and Compassion are Values that seem underrated in the modern profit driven world. Yet they are critical to everything. Living in Love rather than living in Fear or Hate or Indifference.


Nothing is more frustrating than looking up complicated recipes where you don’t have the ingredients you need and you also have to weigh everything out. Just work with what you have and trust the process. I went to an Indian Cookery Course weekend once and the girl cooked in much this way. And she said you just gotta TRUST THE PROCESS. Her food was phenomenal.

Your BODY is your TEMPLE. Even if you don’t value your life that much it is better to be healthy because you will then feel better in your mind. And yes we all die of something but it is better to not get deteriorative conditions caused by poor diet that can literally ruin your quality of life and cause pain and misery. My Advice. EAT THE RAINBOW. And Step into the LIGHT. Eat the Rainbow Rainbow Diet Supernatural HippieToday I was in the mood for these absolutely beautiful tomatoes I got that are just so sweet. So I started with RED and tomatoes, and red bell pepper. I thought Mmmm where will I go from here.

Red Pepper Tomatoes and Onion for Vegetable Curry

I fried the Onion in Organic Coconut Oil, This Biona stuff is great. It’s really coconuty! Some coconut oils you can’t taste the coconut but you can with this. It’s also I would say the healthiest oil to cook with.

Biona Organic Coconut Oil

I used a white onion as didn’t have a red one. Was going to throw in a sweet potato but went instead for a small white one. I also added a little celery, carrot, fresh garlic, fresh coriander (cilantro in the USA) and red lentils. RED LENTILS are great. They count as one of your 5 a day and are also HIGH in PROTEIN and a SOURCE of FIBRE.

Preparing Vegetarian Vegan Curry

Vegetable Vegan Curry Recipe Simple Ingredients Supernatural Hippie

After the Vegetables had been sauteing in the oil I added a bit of Himalayan Pink salt and Crushed Black Pepper then I added the red lentils then added Boiling Water to start it simmering. All in all I used 1 Onion, 3-4 Tomatoes, 1 Red Bell Pepper, 1 Red Chilli Pepper, 1 Carrot, 1 small stick of Celery, 1 Small Potato and a couple of handfuls of Red Lentils.

Tomato Carrot and Red Lentil Vegetarian Vegan Curry supernatural hippie

Vegetable Vegetarian Vegan Curry Carrot Coriander Tomato Red Pepper Supernatural Hippie

Then I added FRESH Coriander. I love that. Then the SPICES. I am a fan of Coriander and Cumin. So I added that. And also a little bit of Tumeric as it’s good for you, but not much a couple of pinches. Also some Garam Masala and Curry Powder and a little chilli powder. I also added a tiny teaspoon or less of sugar to give it a hint of sweetness. I was going to add a little cinnamon instead of sugar or as well too but I’d run out.

Heart Shaped Vegetarian Vegan Curry Recipe

I kept adding more water and more fresh coriander and more crushed fresh garlic. GARLIC is both ANTI VIRAL and ANTI BACTERIAL so it’s great for health. Luckily I love Garlic. Now I hope that puts you in the mood for a Veggie Curry and make Vegetables seem a little bit more EXCITING, even if you’re not a Vegetarian or Vegan. Incorporating Vegetables into your diet is a great thing as they are bursting with Nutrients. This would Serve 2 so adapt accordingly. I served this with Little Angel Thai Jasmine Rice which is my favourite rice. They do a wholegrain brown version too.

Little Angel Thai Jasmine Rice White and Brown

Then I chilled with a nice fiery veggie curry. 🙂 The great thing about vegetable curries is you can just use whatever vegetables and spices that you have. And Rice is full of Healthy B Vitamins and other vitamins and minerals. 🙂 This recipe is VEGAN. 🙂

Vegetarian Vegan Vegetable Curry with Thai Jasmine Rice Recipe Supernatural Hippie

veg carlos santana

VegetarianSpirituality Einstein Quote Supernatural Hippie

Hippocrates Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine

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