“The Moon’s Milk” – Surrealist Fantasy Animation – Sea Animation – Space Animation

The Moon’s Milk

Do you like quirky, surreal fantasy animations? Do you like The Moon? Do you like Sea Voyages? Then you will love “The Moon’s Milk”. It’s a hand made animated motion film about a time when The Moon was close enough to reach by ladder. A group of people go on a voyage from sea to The Moon to get a type of intoxicating dairy like substance from Space. Their Mission – To acquire a Lifetime’s supply of “The Moon’s Milk.”

Captain Millipede gathers a crew together, including his daughter, to voyage from the sea to the moon and to gather some sought after “Moon Milk” as the Moon is now moving too far out of the Earths reach. It may be the last time they will be able to extract it.

It was released in August 2018, is narrated by Tom Waits and directed by Ri Crawford, a film maker and animator with over 10 years experience.  The original music score was composed by Caroline Penwarden. Below is their description from Kickstarter:

“Narrated by Tom Waits, the film chronicles the last expedition of Captain Millipede and his crew to harvest the milk seeping from the moon’s craters.

I love handmade Puppet animations as they are so aesthetically pleasing and take you into a world of pure imagination. Ri Crawford, the director made the characters himself with a little help from his friends.

“I began outlining ideas and and constructing The Moon’s Milk in early 2011. I machined the armatures for the puppets, cast their heads and hands, got some help with the clothes and built the sets and a whole bunch of props and secondary puppets.”

I like the magical visual effects in this and the music. My favourite character is Otto Flores, a cocky blonde guy who loves himself and spontaneously bursts into dance moves to impress the accordion playing Noemi, who he is always trying to flirt with.

She is however in love with the older deaf man called Clyde who seems to be totally oblivious and unaware and more interested in his work. The Captain chose him for the expeditiom as he is skilled at working on The Moon. As they set out to gather Moon Milk, the Moon moves further away.

“The action takes place between the gravities of two heavenly bodies, which further complicates the attraction between the characters. Longing, missed signals, and mishaps lead to the enchantment of the heavens with music.”

As you can see from my website I am a big lover of The Moon and The Ocean. “The Moon’s Milk” brings them together in a delightfully enchanting way. If you like Sea Faring stuff, the Moon and the Ocean and you’ve got a spare 13 minutes you will enjoy it.

More information can be found about “The Moon’s Milk” on their Kickstarter Page and Website. They also have a Facebook Page. You can view the full Animation below. 🙂


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5 thoughts on ““The Moon’s Milk” – Surrealist Fantasy Animation – Sea Animation – Space Animation

    1. Yeah it’s a lovely unique surreal one this. Glad you liked it. It’s one of my favourites that I’ve seen in a while. 🙂 Feel free to recommend any other good ones you find. I usually stumble upon them only by chance.


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