Happy Harvest Moon :-) This Friday the 13th coincides with a Full Moon – The Harvest Moon and also marks The Chinese Moon Festival

This Friday night (Friday 13th September 2019) gaze into the Sky to view the amazing September Full Moon. The Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon is a very powerful Full Moon. It is the one that occurs closest to the Autumnal Equinox. The Autumnal Equinox will occur on Monday 23rd September when day and night will be in perfect balance then the hours of darkness will outnumber the hours of lightness and the shadows will begin to grow longer.

The Harvest Moon’s name is thought to have originated in Native American Indian Culture and symbolised a time to Harvest crops. It is an important time in farming as it marked the end of the growing season and a time to harvest crops. To begin reaping. The abundant light facilitated this. Farmers were able to work through the night on this evening as the Harvest Moon rises quickly after Sunset bringing early evening brightness lasting well into the night.

This time of year is also very important in China as they celebrate with a Mid Autumn Festival and eat round Moon Cakes, appreciate the brightness of the moon and it’s importance in agriculture and spend time with family. It is their second biggest festival after the Chinese New Year marking the changing of the seasons.

Chinese Moon Festival and Moon Cake

This years Harvest Moon falls on the night of Friday the 13th September which is a fairly unlikely phenomenon. The last time this happened was on October 13th 2000. The next one won’t be until Friday the 13th of August 2049. It’s the weekend so make the most of this lovely time of year.


HAPPY HARVEST MOON. Happy Friday the 13th! Love this time of year. 🙂

Snoopy Harvest Moon Full Moon

Moonlight Meme Full Moon The Highway Man Poem Quote Look for me by Moonlight Afred Noyes


Harvest Moon Full Moon Friday the 13th September 2019 Supernatural Meme


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10 thoughts on “Happy Harvest Moon :-) This Friday the 13th coincides with a Full Moon – The Harvest Moon and also marks The Chinese Moon Festival

  1. Yes. 🙂 Fear of Friday the 13th. First time I heard this word was today as another blogger had mentioned it as well on the Friday the 13th post. Interesting word to learn about as well all the superstitions surrounding this date. I like Friday the 13th. It’s got a Halloweeny feel to it. I think maybe it’s lucky for some. 🙂 Hopefully!

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    1. I think there should be Friday the 13th Festivals and it should be a day of Celebration!!! Especially when it falls on a full moon. 🙂 It’s not nearly Frightful enough. Halloween is frightfully good though. Looking forward to that.

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