Top Tip – How to clean an Aromatherapy Burner when you have had a Wax Melt in it and now want to use it for Oil Burning

Howdi everybody. Here’s today’s Top Tip. 🙂 From Supernatural Hippie…

How to clean an Aromatherapy Burner that has been used for a Wax melt, when there’s still wax stuck in it you don’t want to use, you just want it clean to add water and essential oil to burn.

I was trying to figure this out last week. I had bought some lovely new Spearmint Essential Oil and was dying to use it. LOVE Spearmint. 🙂

I was thinking do I burn the wax and then pour it in the bin or do I have to wait and use it all up. I was looking around and couldn’t find another aromatherapy burner because I hadn’t used one in a while and tended to chuck them when they got unclean or burnt with different essential oils. So all I had was this one burner with wax melt dried solid in it.

Aromatherapy Burner

So I phoned a friend and she told me to stick my Aromatherapy Burner in the freezer a while and when I took it out the wax would just come out in a block super easy. So I did. About an hour later- Hey Presto! The wax popped out and I gave the aromatherapy burner a little clean and dry. Popped the water and essential oil in, candle underneath and it was good to go. So now you know what to do if you ever have this problem. To recap….

Aromatherapy Burner with Wax Melt removed

How to remove Old Candle Wax from an Aromatherapy Burner so you can use it for Oil again

1. Put the Aromatherapy Burner with Solid Wax in the Freezer
2. Let it freeze for about an hour (half hour might do it)
3. Remove and wax will come out smoothly and quickly in one block
4. You can keep your hardened wax in case you want to use it in your burner in the future
5. Clean the top of the burner and dry
6. Fill with water and essential oil, insert tea candle underneath

GOOD to Go…. 🙂

Simple. Effective. Quick. No Mess. Hope this helps someone out there in Cyber Space trying to figure this one out.

This method applies to your bog standard aromatherapy burner. If you have an expensive one I’m not sure about putting it in the freezer but it would probably be alright for half an hour or so,

Another method to try is simply lighting the candle and just when it starts to heat before it melts you should be able to remove the block of wax. Then clean the rest with a cloth. The freezer method is brill though. 🙂

And, ooh, ooh, That Smell… SPEARMINT Essential Oil. That’s a delightfully dreamy and uplifting nasal clearing scent.

Time to put the Kettle on…

raku teapot essential oil burner

Photo above is Raku Essential Oil Burner Teapot, Quaint, exotic and unusual and hand made. Spotted it on Etsy. Is is made by FedericoBecchettiArt in Italy.

I personally think that it’s a very Mystical looking Teapot Aromatherapy oil burner. And the smoke coming out of the spout is kinda cute. Kinda makes me think of Aladdin and the Genie in the Lamp.


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2 thoughts on “Top Tip – How to clean an Aromatherapy Burner when you have had a Wax Melt in it and now want to use it for Oil Burning

  1. “I love the smell of spearmint
    in the morning! ”
    ~ General Tranquillity

    ‘That Smell’ is actually my favourite
    Lynyrd Skynyrd song, along with
    ‘Free Bird”, since I don’t come from
    a sweet home 😎

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Spearmint is a truly delightful and uplifting aroma. 🙂 It’s so Fresh and Happy. I like both of those songs they were a good band. It’s hard to find a good song about nice smells. LOL. Someone should write a song about Spearmint. The closest cool song might be incense and peppermints but I used that in my incense post naturally.


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