American Horror – Far from Over – Staying Alive in “1984” – Season 9 – Eighties Retro

Sooooo I have watched most of the American Horror Series so far. Well I am only starting “Cult” now and then I’ve got “Apocalypse” to watch. There is a new series out called “1984” which I can’t watch yet as it’s not on Netflix yet. Waaaaagh.

American Horror scares the hell out of me. It is so freaky. But so well done. But absolutely utterly horrifying! Yet horrifyingly addictive. Well anyway my friend called me the other day blasting “Far from Over” by Frank Stallone. She said it was in the new American Horror set in the 1980’s which she loved and which I was going to love. Cause I loved the 80’s.

American Horror 1984

She was saying what a brilliant song it was and I was saying yeah I have always loved it. 🙂 It was in the intro to the movie “Staying’ Alive” with John Travolta Dancing. So, anyway, now she has now ordered “Staying Alive” which is a class movie. She has never seen it but she thought she had.

Staying Alive John Travolta

Just for the record; “Far from Over” is a song by Frank Stallone that formed part of the soundtrack for the 1983 Hit Movie staring John Travolta, called “Saying Alive”. It appears in the very beginning of the film with Travolta dancing. It’s one of my most favourite movie opening scenes ever. And that film is brilliant the whole way through.

The song “Far From Over” was released in 1983 and Staying Alive was released in 1983. It was remixed by Jellybean Benitez and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for best original song. I recently shared some songs from that movie and some other great dance songs.

1984. If you thought it was bad the first time around, this time it’s going to be HORRIFIC!

If you like the 1980’s and you like Horror you’re gonna LOVE this… 😉

Be Prepared to be Scared because 1984 looks Deadly…


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