Here’s Kaypacha in Bhutan with the Latest Astrology for the Soul September 25th 2019 – Plus Age 42 could be Mid Life Crisis Time & The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything!

Kaypacha Sacred Adventure in Bhutan

Here is the ever intriguing Kaypacha with the latest Pele Report, Astrology for the Soul, 25th September 2019 from New Paradigm Astrology. He is on location in Bhutan where he is facilitating a Sacred Adventure. Here’s the description:

“For truth seekers whose primary desire is to open their hearts and minds to their true Purpose, these are powerful times! With this intention, Adam and Kaypacha are excited to invite you to Bhutan, the “Land of Happiness,” for a sacred adventure into the workings of Spirit through astrology, both east and west. We’ll be visiting the majestic and sacred sites of Bhutan, learning Buddhist Vedic astrology, Kaypacha’s Evolutionary astrology, Adam’s Soulsign astrology, Kundalini yoga, somatic meditations, alchemical star gazing, and quite a bit more!” More information here.

What’s in store in the Stars this week…

What’s in store with the Sun, Moon and Planets this week? Have a look and listen…

Today the Moon is in Virgo and on Saturday the New Moon moves into Libra then Scorpio on Monday. He starts the Report by talking about LOVE and Saturn being the Great Teacher and also about growth and harvest time. He also talks about the Native American Medicine Wheel.

You can check Kaypacha out on youtube and on his website. Here’s what he has to say…

With Pluto slowly stationing and Saturn slowly making his final pass over the south node of the Moon, it’s clean up karma time. It’s the end of past ways, the completion phase, the phase of realization “Was this worth it, did it work, did I succeed or fail.”

You can see this in more depth on New Paradigm Astrology

This weeks MANTRA

His MANTRA for this week is:

“Everything has a beginning, but,
The end is determined by,
How much love I give and take,
With who, for what, and why.”

Life Phases, Houses and Cycles

What I found interesting about this Pele Report is that he talks about Life phases and cycles and houses. I learnt something similar while studying Rudolph Steiner for a while. Very interesting.

Kaypacha points out for instance if you are aged 42-49 you are in the Seventh House, a tumultous time. Apparently age 42 you hit Mid Life Crisis! Maybe that’s why in Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything was 42! LOL 🙂

forty two 42 the answer to life the universe and everything hitchikers guide to the galaxy

Which Life Phase are you in?

He talks through the life phases, for instance age 1-7, the first house is all about self, then 7-14, the second house is about gathering, developing capacities and resources 14-21 the third house is about school and learning. 21-28 the fourth house is about establishing a foundation or home base. 28-35 the 5th house is creative self expression or having children, a family. 35-42, the sixth house is about work or service or giving then you hit mid life crisis at 42. 42-29 is going through the seventh house where you change profoundly and your relationships change. Life keeps transitioning then at 63 you reach the peak and then 63-70 is the tenth house. 70 moves into retirement or winter time.

He then goes on to talk about Tibetan Astrology, Tibetan Monks and Meditation and points out that as we evolve in life it’s about giving, not to get back, but to evolve.

For more astrology and Kyoga with Kaypacha visit:


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