The MAGICAL World of Mushrooms – Enchanted Mushroom / Toadstool / Fungi Photos

Let’s take a Trip into the Magical World of Mushrooms


So, it was a chilly enough rainyish kind of day, with bursts of sunshine. Generally a damp kind of a day. I was walking through some gardens and entered a little wooded area off the main green belt. And, as always I was on the lookout for magical things! Sure enough I spotted some amazing mushrooms. Also referred to as Toadstools or Fungi. Come with me as I take you on a little trip into the Magical World of Mushrooms….

Meet the Mushrooms
Snow capped mushroom
Button mushrooms


I have a basic Samsung phone and the camera is not great. But I still think you will find these photos enchanting!

Beautiful shiny brown mushrooms with shadow in sunlight
More mellow mushrooms
Wooded Walk

Just think what I could do with a good phone camera or a really good digital camera.

Black Mushrooms
Colony of Black and grey mushrooms in sunlight
Umbrella looking mushrooms
Fairytale-esque Mushrooms

On sighting the first crop of these I kept my eyes open as I explored further to see what I could find. Pretty pleased at spotting these.

Enchanting Magical looking Mushrooms
Two little twin mushrooms
Flower shaped mushroom or fungi

Further into the wooded area….

Unusual fungi against forest growth
Lonesome Umbrella Mushroom
White strange shaped mushroom or toadstool

I love this photo below. It’s 2 separate little Mushroom colonies. Facing each other off. Standing to attention. Like a Game of Chess. Or 2 competing sporting sides about to take each other on. There’s the referee in white in the middle and an assistant to the forefront. Observing…. Or an innocent bystander thinking, Hmmmm, I’m staying out of this….

We’ve got 2 sides. Blues and Reds. And a guy in the middle. Lost or not sure which way to go or caught in the middle of something. His friend is hiding behind the rock hoping for the best.

Two colonies of different coloured mushrooms


Hope you enjoyed this little trip into the woods? I’ve a lot more mushroom photos but that’s enough for one day. 🙂 PS. Can anyone identify these mushrooms? Will leave you with a lovely sunlight orb photo I took as I was leaving.

Sun / Angel / Dragonfly / Fairy Orb

Magical Mushrooms brighten up a rainy day. The Music is Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow by The Strawberry Alarm Clock and Stay.

While most of these mushrooms look magical I don’t believe any of these are magic mushrooms as such or indeed edible. But they are very Magical to look at. 🙂


(All Photographs in this article are the property of – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent. No reproduction of these photos. If you wish to use any photos on this site please get in touch.)

6 thoughts on “The MAGICAL World of Mushrooms – Enchanted Mushroom / Toadstool / Fungi Photos

    1. Yes these types of mushrooms are amazing to stumble on. And, no doubt, some are deadly. Like some plants are deadly. You need to be a little bit on an expert to figure out which ones are safe to eat. Knowledge most people have lost.

      They say if a person wants to survive in the wilderness don’t give him a spear give him the knowledge of which plants are safe to eat. 🙂


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