Ruby Tuesday Wanderings – More Magical looking Mushrooms, Trees & Wood Carvings

a walk in the woods 2019

Soooo yesterday I did a bit of wild swimming in the ocean which was invigorating and then went for a walk and took some photos. I just love nature.

cool tree 2019

Forest walking is lovely. It’s also Mega Mushroom time of year. Spotted LOTS of different ones again…

mushrooms 2019

fungi 2019

forest fungi 2019

cool wild mushrooms 2019

This is a curious looking tree. Very magical looking…

tree creature sculpture 2019

And how about this beautiful Butterfly…

beautiful butterfly carving in tree 2019

Down by the river…

River walk 2019

bench in forest 2019

More fairytale-esque magical looking mushrooms…

large toadstools on tree 2019

Toadstools 2019

These cute toadstools were beside a little white feather.

mushrooms and white feather 2019

Beautiful Sunshine coming through the trees.

sunshine through trees 2019

Another wooden sculpture, this time of a bird.

Wooden bird forest sculpture 2019

wooded walk 2019

white mushrooms 2019

viaduct 2019

mushroom colony 2019

This is a very majestic looking tree. Amazing to look at. Very Powerful.

forest walk 2019

Nice shiny chestnut. They are everywhere at the moment.

autumn chestnut photo 2019

red and white mushroom 2019

Here’s Ruby’s Bench. Nice to relax on after a nice Tuesday afternoon stroll on a Ruby Tuesday. 🙂

rubys bench ruby tuesday 2019

Woodpecker says Goodbye.

woodpecker forest sculpture 2019

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday.

rubys bench ruby tuesday 2019 red


(All Photographs in this article are the property of – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.)

12 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday Wanderings – More Magical looking Mushrooms, Trees & Wood Carvings

  1. Thanks Ianus. 🙂 I love Autumn. I am happiest in nature and forests and by rivers and most especially right by the ocean on the soft sand watching the waves crash. The life of cities does not appeal to me.


    1. I had a Wetsuit on with wet boots and gloves. So you don’t feel the cold water as much. It’s brill. Invigorating. Means you can go in the sea all year round apart from like the very coldest months. Yeah love wood carvings. 🙂

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