Saints and Mystics on Tour.. The Shrine of Saint Jude, Omeath, Ireland – Hey Jude :-) The Patron Saint of Lost Causes!

The Shrine of Saint Jude

So headed out yesterday with a friend Carlingford bound. On the way back we passed a Shrine in Omeath and went to have a walk around. Here we found a lovely, peaceful, holy place and Saint Jude’s Shrine in a place called Calvary.

St Judes Shrine near Carlingford

There was also an outdoors Stations of the Cross.

St Judes Shrine

Holy Shop St Judes shrine

Saint Jude’s Shrine

Beautiful place. Here is “The Shrine of Saint Jude”. Never been to a Saint’s Shrine, before, not that I recall anyway. I visited Lourdes, France as a child and also visited The Black Madonna in Montserrat, Spain. I have visited many Holy places and Sacred Sites but this place devoted to an actual Saint stands out.

St Judes Shrine Omeath

Saints and Mystics Cards

But I did bring my Saints and Mystic’s cards with me! So here is the Saint Jude card at the Shrine. He  is Card No. 9 – Saving Grace. I had put them in the back seat of the car cause I thought my friend might like a look at them. Then I forgot about them completely until we stumbled upon this place. I recently wrote about this Saints and Mystics Oracle Deck.

St Jude Saints and Mustics Card at St Judes Shrine

Cards about Holy People

We did not intend to visit here and had never encountered this place before but on seeing it, we had to stop and have a walk around. Interestingly there was little cards about various Holy people but none about Saint Jude on this particular day.

Saints cards

Saint Jude is The Patron Saint of Lost Causes

Saint Jude is the Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases or Lost Causes. The Hopeless, desperate, lost and Despaired. It is quite hard to find information about Saint Jude as he faded into obscurity for some time. He is not featured much in the gospels. But it is thought he was one of the closest confidants of Jesus and then went on to preach the gospel in various parts of the world. He was a Missionary and usually depicted wearing green. Green was associated with him as it is thought to be a colour of hope and renewal.

Spiritual Paths

I can embrace most spiritual or religious paths as I think that at their core they can be pure and light. They can be an immense source of light, comfort or solace for some and provide support and a sense of community. This place is peaceful, tranquil and has a divine ambience.

Saint Jude

Saints and Mystics

I am also very much a child of nature, and enjoy reading about mystics and stuff and am also interested in Eastern Mysticism. I am interested in having an awareness of world religions and cultures and different spiritual paths, knowledge and enlightenment. I also enjoyed hearing about the lives of Saints when I was younger.

The Serenity of Holy Places

A lot of Holy places are very beautiful and serene so I like them. Life itself is an eternal mystery. I think you need to follow whatever spiritual or religious path that resonates with you. Holy Places like this are educational and allow time for thought and reflection.

Chapel St Judes shrine burial place

Father Aloysius Gentili

The Missionary, Father Aloysius (Luigi) Gentili, an Italian native of Rome is buried here in a vault that is famous in Christian and Pagan legend. He was sent by Antonio Rosmini on missions throughout Britain and Ireland.

Father Gentili's Tomb Omeath

Father Gentili had a great love for the Irish People

Rosmini had a tablet erected for  Father Gentili which is in the chapel. Father Gentili had a great love and sympathy for the Irish people, helping those in poverty and under nourished. He succumbed to the Irish Plague and died, age 47, in 1848 in Dublin. He was laid to rest in Glasnevin cemetery, then in 1938 his remains were moved to this tomb at the request of the Rosminians. There is also a Rosminian cemetery.

Father Aloysius Luigi Gentili Tomb Ireland

The little chapel is lovely and here you can look around, say a prayer or light a candle.

Chapel of Blessed Antonio Rosmini

Chapel St judes shrine

Holy Water St Judes Shrine Carlingford Lough

St Judes Shrine lighting a candle

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto

This place was calm and serene, there was no one around, there was a grotto, a tiny chapel and there were the Stations of the Cross. Prayer can be a way for some to try and heal themselves.  This is the beautiful grotto depicting the apparition of Our Lady to Bernadette in Lourdes.

Our Ladys Shrine Virign Mary Grotto Ireland

Holy Statue

Beautiful Memorials

There were memorials to souls who had passed on, flowers and statues. It seems this is a place of pilgrimage.

Virign Mary Statue St Judes Shrine

Saint Jude’s Shrine memorial area is located on the shores of Carlingford Lough. Here you will see dedications to many people who have passed on.

St Judes Shrine Ireland

Father Gentili Garden

St Judes Shrine Omeath Ireland

In coming across this place and what it has led me to learn about there have been a lot of synchronicities. In more ways than one.

Cross St Judes Shrine O'Meath

Call on Saint Jude when all seem’s impossible

Call on Saint Jude when all seem’s impossible and all hope seems lost. Saint Jude reminds you, you gotta have faith! Faith in a higher divine force. And Faith in yourself. 🙂

Stations of the Cross St Judes Shrine

After the Darkness comes the Dawn

Every human experiences difficulty in their lifetime and every human must endeavour to overcome these difficulties. Saint Jude reminds us that all in fact is not lost and anything may be possible. In your darkest of hours, call upon Saint Jude.

The Three O'Clock Prayer

Three O’Clock Prayer

Saint Jude is rooting for you. Saint Jude wants you to be the one that overcomes the odds. The last thing I noticed was the “Three O’Clock Prayer” which reminded me of a post I had written about 3am being “The Soul’s Midnight”.

The Forgotten Saint

Saint Jude Thaddeus, the Patron Saint of despaired causes is also known as “The Forgotten Saint”. In the 20th Century there was a rebirth in devotion to him. He was forgotten about as he was often confused with Judas Iscariot, the apostle who betrayed Jesus. So long an ignored Saint he became associated with lost causes. He is now one of the most popular Saints.

Saints and Mystics Cards Saint Jude

Novena’s in October and June

October is actually associated with Saint Jude. It is traditionally a Novena time of year for this Saint, often a 9 day one ending on his feast day. Saint Jude’s Novena actually started this weekend that I visited.  His Feast Day is October 28th. I picked up some information while visiting there and for this Shrine, it seems they have an Annual Novena in honour of Saint Jude in June.

Saints and Mystics Cards – Saint Jude

I also checked the Saint Jude book with the Saints and Mystics cards. Lot of nice information there. I will share this with you.

 “Saint Jude conjures courage through dark storms, and strength from deep within the soul. When Jude is with us an encompassing sense of safety arises and wraps around our broken pieces of the self, rescuing us from darkness just when it seems about to crush our spirit.

Saint Jude makes himself available for healing on the psychic and spiritual levels as he operates on clearing the third eye, heart and solar plexus chakras, activating balance and internal equilibrium. He lights up darkened paths and clears the ways for us to find and accept help, teaching us that positive energies can only emerge when there is clear space for them to flow. 

Saint Jude reminds us to remember that the light comes after the night, and with all cycles, every change is seen from the edge of the horizon. Although we must carry our own torch, there are those who will help us if we ask.”

Andres Engracia (2018) Saints and Mystics Reading Cards Guidebook

St Judes Shrine with Mountains

Dedicated to the Memory of Saint Jude and all those who are suffering in life

This Blog Post is dedicated to the memory of Saint Jude and to anyone suffering desperate circumstances in life, in trauma, financial poverty, suffering great emotional distress, experiencing grief, illness or hopelessness in life or who are utterly lost or in need of rescue. Irrespective of culture, creed, ethnicity or location, this post is dedicated to those in need of healing. Much Love from Ireland. Xox

Don't Quit Saint Jude's Prayer


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Further Information

I have tried to find a website and a contact number for this place but am unable to. If you have a link to their website or a contact number please email me on the contact button of this website and I will add it here. Thankyou.

In the meantime you could try contacting Carlingford Tourist Information Centre

Kind Regards

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2 thoughts on “Saints and Mystics on Tour.. The Shrine of Saint Jude, Omeath, Ireland – Hey Jude :-) The Patron Saint of Lost Causes!

    1. Yes that’s a brilliant version of “Hey Jude”. It’s from the 2007 film “Across the Universe”. A movie I think you would love! It’s set in the 1960’s and tells the story of Jude, a boy from Liverpool in search of a better life in the USA and Lucy, an American girl disillusioned with the politics of the time. It’s a musical romantic drama that centre’s around their paths crossing with some hard hitting themes concerning life at that time.

      Their story is told through the music of The Beatles sung by different artists, including some very famous musicians. The film itself is a work of art interweaving art, film, theatrics and song. It’s one of my favourite movies ever, very unique and I’ve got the soundtrack as well. 🙂

      And yeah, Holy Places, undoubtedly bring out a sense of reflection. This is why people go on pilgrimages and visit holy places and sacred sites in foreign lands. People have always travelled to seek enlightenment and encourage personal transformation. People can stumble upon a place and have a spiritual awakening.

      I have always been a lover of travel and even in the country I live in I try to seek out new places all the time. What I liked about this place is it was mostly outdoors and that there were so many little details, the shrine, the chapel, the stations of the cross, the grotto, the garden, the memorial place beside the water. You can’t just drive past a place like that. Lovely. 🙂

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