The Supernatural, Soulful, Haunting, Melancholic Music of Karliene


So I have recently discovered the Celtic / Folk Singer Songwriter and Musician “Karliene” and I absolutely love her stuff. It is so unique and ethereal and just so haunting. She’s refreshingly different and sings with feeling and emotion. It was the song “Anne Bonny” about the female pirate that I looked up after hearing it at a Sea Shanty Festival that led me to discover the rest of her music. On hearing the song I had presumed it was an old Sea Shanty but on researching it discovered it was written by Karliene.

Singing, Songwriting and Storytelling

She started writing and singing music as a hobby back in 2010. I think she’s incredibly talented so thought I would share a few of her haunting tracks on my Supernatural site. 🙂 Her music is very unique as it just resonates with Spirituality and an amazing story telling quality. Timeless music and romantic music. Music of Myth and Legend, characters from history and Fantasy landscapes.

Paddy’s Lamentation

“Paddy’s Lamentation” is a beautiful rendition of an old Irish song that highlights the plight of some Irish men emigrating to America in search of a better life and being drawn into fighting in the Civil War. It’s a tragic kind of song and her version does it justice.

Karliene Singer Musician Photo Princess

I will find you Clannad cover

“I will find you” is a beautiful cover of the Clannad song which featured in “The Last of the Mohicans”, a 1992 American Historical Drama set in 1757 starring Daniel Day Lewis and Madeleine Stowe based on an 1826 novel.

Bound – inspired by Outlander

“Bound” is a song written by Karliene in 2014 inspired by the book and television show “Outlander” and based on Jamie and Claire’s wedding. Outlander is a series of historical Time Travel books by author Diana Gabaldon which inspired a television drama series. The central character Claire Randall is transported back to 1743 Scotland encountering a dashing Highland warrior named Jamie Fraser.

Blood Countess

Now we get into the spooky, vampiric, horror genre with a betwitching song called “Blood Countess” written by Karliene in 2018 and based on Hungarian Countess Erzsébet Bathory, transforming an allegedly dark, bloodthirsty character into a haunting melody and raising questions on the official narrative of her character.

Love Song for a Vampire

Continuing in a Vampiric theme, Karliene did a reworking of “Love Song for a Vampire” by Annie Lennox, which was the theme tune from the 1992 Gothic Horror “Bram Stokers Dracula” starring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves and Anthony Hopkins.

The King Beneath the Mountains

“The King Beneath the Mountains” featured in “The Hobbit” by J.R.R Tolkien. Karliene’s version has a powerful moody, masculine resonance even though her singing is supremely feminine.

Sally’s Song

“Sally’s Song” was written by Danny Elfman in 1993 and featured in the animation “The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Tim Burton. Karliene says; “I think this song is so beautiful with it’s melancholic, wistful notes and heartbreaking lyrics, I’ve always loved singing it for years so it’s wonderful to finally record it properly.” It was added to her youtube channel in October 2014.

Karliene Singer Musician

The Nightmare before Christmas

Love her video for this song and her make up and clothes are spectacular. It’s a little work of art. She is a big fan of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. I am too. She says; “I have to say this film, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is another nostalgic feast for me, I’ve always been enchanted by it, especially the sweet, wide-eyed, lovelorn Sally with her detachable limbs. I always thought she was the cutest thing. “

Extensive Musical Repertoire

Karliene has an extensive and diverse repertoire of amazing songs. A mixture of her own compilations and covers. If you are a fan of “Game of Thrones” which I haven’t seen yet, you will love her collection of songs from the Game of Thrones books including a song she wrote for the opening theme of the series. I will leave you with “A Sailing I will go”. It was written by Karliene in 2016 and has a Sea Shanty feel.

Karliene Ocean Photo

You can find more information about Karliene on her website. She describes her work as “Music for Dreamers”. 🙂

Karliene Singer Musician Photo web


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