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vampire king 2

Vampire King

I’m the King of Vampires
The Devil’s on my side
Dressed to Kill and Seeking Thrills
In the Darkest Nights, I Ride

Mortal Men will never catch me
Though their Blood’s within my Veins
I will live Forever
Though my Soul has Blackest Stains

Although I’m Wicked, I’ve got such Charms
The Ladies can’t Resist Me
I’m the biggest Womaniser
In your Planet’s little History

And Every Night when I go out
I really do have Fun
As long as I get Home by Dawn
And Never see the Sun

I Love the Night, I Love to Hunt
I Love to Track my Prey
Well, When you’re Supernatural
It is The Only Way

To Live Among the Shadows
Moving Oh so Swift
Conducting all your Business
On the Graveyard Shift

I am Handsome, I’ve got Style
I know this for a Fact
It makes it so much Easier
When putting on an Act

Vampire Impossible Picture Xavier Delacroix,

To Trap the Fairest Maiden
And Taste the Sweetest Blood
It’s Easy if they’re Willing
And it Helps if you’re a Stud

I’ve seen the Dawn of Centuries
The Birth of Each New Era
Yet I feel it in my Veins
The Time is Drawing Nearer

The term we call Immortality
Just isn’t what it used to be
I’m told that I will Pass Away
And in this very Century

Those who Hunt me think I’m Scared
They couldn’t be more Wrong
I’ll Always be One Step Ahead
I’ve Played this Game too Long

They’ve Chased me with their Guns
They’ve tried a Wooden Stake
But I am much too Clever
My Life they’ll Never Take

So Try me with your Crucifix
Your Holy Water too
I’ve Seen it all Before
It’s really nothing New

Remember I’m the King
The Leader of the Pack
You think that you’ll Destroy Me
But I’m Always Coming Back

vampire king

But Where are Those who’d Chase me
Like in Days Gone By
Aren’t they still Afraid of Me
Don’t they Want to See me Die

Or do they Know in Recent Days
I’ve been Feeling rather Weak
Drained of Vital Energy
And Not quite at my Peak

I know that I’m a Vampire
But my Body’s started Wasting
And the Blood that used to be So Sweet
Is Very Bitter Tasting

I can’t Think What is Wrong with me
But I’m Not the Man I used to Be
Perhaps I’m Being Punished
For All my Infidelity

I’m Growing Weaker By the Day
There’s a Virus in my System
Now I think I Understand
But I Didn’t Want to Listen

There’s a Snake Inside my Bloodstream
Venomous and Cruel
I’ve Lived through Plagues and Mighty Wars
Yet Now I am The Fool

Victoria-Frances 2


(This poem is the property of Anne-Marie at SupernaturalHippie.com – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.)

“Vampire King” was written by me and published in a Supernatural Girls Comic
For this publication, the Poem was illustrated by Irish Artist, Noel Baxter

This Story Poem about a Vampire falls into various genres such as Narrative Poetry Speculative Poetry.

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