Horror Comedies – DRACULA: DEAD and Loving it! Vampire Comedy Horror starring Leslie Nielsen

Dracula: Dead and Loving it

Dracula: Dead and Loving it! Has to be the FUNNIEST Vampire Comedy I have ever seen. If this doesn’t make you laugh I don’t know what will!

A Warner Brothers Pictures Production

Dracula, Dead and Loving it was made by Warner Brothers Pictures and released in 1995.  It’s a satirical comedy horror, a kind of spoof of Bram Stoker’s famous novel Dracula.

Satirical Comedy Horror Directed by Mel Brooks

It was directed by American Film Maker, Actor and Comedian Mel Brooks. He is a very famous, Award winning,  Film Director that has produced many movies including, “Young Frankenstien”, “Blazing Saddles”, “Spaceballs” and “The Producers”. He was also the voice of Vlad in the 2015 animation, “Hotel Transylvania”.

Starring Leslie Nielsen as Count Dracula

It stars Leslie Nielsen who is absolutely hilarious in this. He was a famous Canadian Comedian. Actor and Producer and starred in movies such as Airplane and Naked Gun. He was in so many good comedies but also played serious roles in movies like “The Poseidon Adventure”. He sadly passed away in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2010 of Pneumonia.

Dracula Dead and Loving it


It also stars Peter MacNicol, Steven Weber, Amy Yasbeck, Lysette Anthony, Harvey Korman and Mel Brooks as Van Helsing.

References other Dracula movies

It references the classic “Dracula” movie from 1931 starring Bela Lugosi and is a satire of both “Bram Stoker’s Dracula of 1992” and “The Fearless Vampire Killers” of 1967.

Dracula Dead and Loving it gif

Time to be revived and worth a watch

This film flopped apparently and didn’t seem to get a good response from critics who killed it with Bat Reviews! However it flew in their face as it has a massive fan base.

It grossed over $10million at the Box Office. So it’s due a little revival and new lifeblood and what better time to bring it back to life than the run up to Halloween. 🙂

Fangtastic Movie

If you are a fan of Hammer Horror and Comedy, don’t take Dracula too seriously and want to laugh out loud at something silly, give it a watch. Personally I think it’s Fangtastic. 😉


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20 thoughts on “Horror Comedies – DRACULA: DEAD and Loving it! Vampire Comedy Horror starring Leslie Nielsen

        1. Hee hee. Little bit of acting with my vampire speak.

          I’ve just checked out the trailer for “Love at First Bite” and wow. A 1970’s Comedy Horror flick set in New York. Awesome.

          A sun tanned disco dancing Vampire played by George Hamilton. Have added to my Vampire Comedy Horror Watch List.

          Vank-you. Theese movie takes a frightfully funny bite out of The Big Apple. 🧛‍♂️🍎

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  1. …I like the horror stories on the Helloween that were produced by the Muppet Show and The Sesame Street, they are funny and scary at the same time. Btw, do you know that Leslie Nielsen started his career as an Sci Fi actor, and one of his first famous movies was “Forbidden Planet (1956.)”?

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    1. Interesting… I don’t recall having seen the Helloween Muppets. I do remember The Count from Sesame Street though. I will go check them out. Great comedy horror Halloween vibe here today. 👻

      I remember that actor most from Airplane. Hilarious. When I was looking this movie up today I read that he had been in other movies like this before his comedy career which I didn’t know before.

      He was a great actor. So much fun. 👻

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  2. It’s such a shame this one flopped. Even in 1995 vampire films were getting a bit too pretentious and full of themselves and Mel Brooks’s pin-popping humor was exactly what they needed. Leslie Nielsen is so perfectly deadpan. He was cast as the hunky hero in another of my favorite movies, Forbidden Planet, but I always imagine him making the cast and crew laugh behind the scenes.

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  3. Yeah it was a shame. It amazes me actually some times the movies that do flop. Or go under the radar. Sometimes people don’t go to watch things because of what film critics say before the film even gets a chance. Or sometimes things don’t get marketed right. I always go see things for myself. 🙂

    This film was so funny and clever really worked as a comedy. I’m a sucker for most Vampire movies though. I haven’t seen Forbidden Planet yet. Will have to watch it. I knew it was a Comic Outlet but have never seen the movie.

    I’m sure they had a LOT of FUN making this movie and you’re right a lot of laughs behind the scenes. Leslie Nielsen was just hilarious and as you say a Delightfully Deadpan Dracula.

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  4. If you like HORROR -COMEDY, I recommend a low budget film called A POLISH VAMPIRE IN BURBANK – If you have not heard of this, which is definitely possible because it is really obscure – although it was shown on THE USA NETWORK in the 90’s on USA UP ALL NIGHT. This is a very weird, cheap HORROR COMEDY but I have this on DVD and it is a lot of fun to watch it’s so bad!

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  5. Ha ha. Sounds interesting Black Wing. Will have a look. It’s amazing how many little known Vampire films there are out there. I’d love to see a type of Netflix type provider that showed old and retro tv shows and films and indie type ones. And also lesser known stuff. Would be great. 🦇🦇🧛‍♂️🦇🦇


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