GHOSTBUSTERS! Just for The Record… I ain’t afraid of no Ghost!

Ghostbusters Record 45 Vinyl

Popped into a second hand record store this exact day last year and picked up this little bargain for next to nothing. Love it. Love records actually. Nothing beats playing a record.

I’ve got CD’s I never play and cassettes I need to get to rid of. But as for vinyl, I want more and more. Ghostbuster’s is just a brilliant film from the 1980’s with a fun soundtrack. Perfect supernatural comedy in the run up to Halloween!

Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man Gif

Here’s a couple of other good ghostly songs….

And for more in the Ghostly Comedy movie genre we have “Beetlejuice” and “Death Becomes Her.”


ghostbusters-casper (1)

ghostbusters who you gonna call

ghostbusters 2 gif

Let’s Play…

ghostbusters monopoly

How cool is this Ghosbusters Monopoly. 🙂


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