Comedy Horror Movie / Black Comedy – Vampires Kiss starring Nicholas Cage – Psychotic Bosses from Hell!

Psychotic Bosses

Ever had an utterly Psychotic Boss? Hmmm… Maybe he’s unhappy, bored, a control freak, in the wrong relationship or maybe he… wants to be a VAMPIRE!

Nicholas Cage black sunglasses gif


“Vampire’s Kiss” is an absolutely hilarious comedy starring Nicholas Cage, Maria Conchita Alonso and Jennifer Beals of Flashdance fame. I remember watching it the first time, dumbfounded. It’s so randomly funny and Nicholas Cage’s character is off the wall.

Vampires Kiss Nicholas Cage

Box Office Flop to Cult Classic

It was released in 1989 and was another box office flop than went on to become a Cult Classic. Nicholas Cage, is a very unstable, short tempered, kinda crazy literary agent who is bored of life then meets an attractive woman and believes he has been bitten by a Vampire.

Nicholas Cage and Jennifer Beals

Losing his Mind

He is working all day and then going out clubbing, drinks excessively and tries to fill the void with one night stands. He falls for the Vampire Lady. But is completely losing his mind and even starting to terrify his Psychiatrist with his bizarre rants.

Terrified Secretary

Meanwhile he starts to torment and harass his secretary eventually biting her and calling to her house. He goes completely mad and we witness his descent into darkness as he becomes a crazed Vampire.

Vampires Kiss Secretary
Avoid this guy in real life

Let’s put it this way. You wouldn’t want this guy as your boss. Or your boyfriend! Very bizarre and funny and worth a watch if you like Black Comedies. Nicholas Cage is such a versatile actor and he’s very edgy in this.

Vampires Kiss film


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