It’s the Time of the Season… For ZOMBIES…

The Zombies – Time Of The Season (1968-69) from MUNROW’S RETRO on VIMEO on Vimeo.

Time of the Season

“Time of the Season” is a great song for Halloween / Samhain. It was created by English Rock Band, The Zombies and was released in 1968. It falls into the genre of Psychedelic Pop.  It was written by Rod Argent, the keyboard player and recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London in the summer of 1967.

The Zombies

If you think of The Zombies, “Time of the Season” is likely one of the first songs that springs to your head as it is world renowned now and regarded as a classic. It reached Number One in various parts of the globe, yet bizarrely failed to chart in the UK despite being released THREE times.

Failed to Chart in the UK

On it’s release it reached Number THREE in the USA, selling over a million copies while it made no impact in the UK.

“Surprisingly, this song never charted in the UK, although it is widely known there. In our 2015 interview with Rod Argent, he said: “‘Time of the Season’ was the #1 in most countries in the world, but it wasn’t in the UK. It’s been released three times in the UK, and it’s never been a hit. But the extraordinary thing is that everybody knows it in the UK. We played Glastonbury this year, and we had a big audience of the young kids who went completely mad when we played ‘Time of the Season.’ So, it has become, strangely enough, a classic in the UK, but it’s never been a hit.”


Jungle Voodoo Beat

I think the beat of the song is best decribed as “Jungle Voodoo” as the maker of the superb fan video above, Munrows Retro, describes it.

Odessey and Oracle

Time of the Season featured on the The Zombies 1968 album “Odessey and Oracle” which was an album with the theme of seasons. This was their second studio album. It is one of the most acclaimed albums of the sixties and was included in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of all time ranking at No.100.

Band Break up

The Zombies broke up shortly after recording the album. Rod Argent then formed a band called “Argent” in 1972. They had a famous song called “Hold your Head up”.

Time of The Season in Movies

This song has been featured in several movies and you may remember it from “The Conjuring” and “All The Money in the World.”

The Zombies were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year in 2019.


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