Happy Halloween from Bran Castle, Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania


HAPPY HALLOWEEN fellow bloggers! From Transylvania, Romania. 🦇🧛‍♂️❤🧛‍♀️🦇


My first day here! I visited Bran and went straight to Bran Castle. I have to say it was absolutely spectacular and it really lives up to its expectations. It is the King of the Castles! So much history there too.


I am staying nearby in Brasov. Very interestingly they do not really celebrate Halloween here! However, the big night is at the weekend. More to come on that.


Being veggie in Romania is quite hard but I have spotted a couple of places in Brasov I am going to check out.


Met a couple of girls on the bus back from Bran to Brasov bus station today and we shared an uber taxi back to the old town. Rhiannon and Stephanie. Both Anericans. Stephanie is from Maine and teaches english all over the world. At present she is based in Bucharest. They were both seasoned travellers.


I like that about travelling were you just meet random people and get chatting. I have noticed that it’s mostly very young people that travel. But I am going to travel as I have always tried to do and well into old age. It is the greatest education you could ever have in life and it makes you feel really alive. I hate to stay in one place. When theres a whole world to see I feel like I am wasting time to stay in one place. I definitely want to travel more or get a job that involves international travel.


I spent a couple of hours today at the castle. If you intend to visit give yourself that time. There is so much information to read there. It was very busy today being Halloween. Also it’s an uphill walk and lots of spiral type stairways so you will need to be physically fit.


I want to go back and really immerse myself by reading all the information presented there. Just to get through and see everything takes a while but if you want to read all the info on the walls give yourself more time.


There is not a live guide with you and theres no electronic guide so you walk through and look at what is presented and take in the ambience of the place.


I am so glad I came here. It is an amazing place to visit. You could come here any time of year and enjoy it. Romania is a beautiful country and the people are friendly with a relaxed attitude.


There was lots of little market stalls selling Dracula and Vampire stuff at the base of the castle.




I also found a place called “Magic Cafe”. Then walked through a little park which had some amazing wooden carvings. I will post about these when I get back.


So today I spent in Bran. Tomorrow I explore Brasov where I am staying.  Tonight I stumbled upon a beautiful church in Brasov on Halloween night of all nights and tomorrow I will visit the famous Black Church.


I cant share many photos now as am working from a mobile phone. And it keeps freezing! I will write in more depth on my return.






(This post and these photos are by Anne-Marie at SupernaturalHippie.com – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.)

24 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from Bran Castle, Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania

    1. Also depending on whether you are doing this solo, as a couple, in a group or as a family there is different ways to do it. I checked out some of the tours but I wanted to organise my own itinerary and I’m not into early starts!!! So I didnt go with a tour company but as a solo independent traveller on a budget. In saying that I didnt stay in dorms or anything and if there are 4 of you will be super easy to organise good deals.

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