The Night Bus to Brasov, Transylvania and a boy named Vlad who showed me his Tattoos…

So…. I arrived in Bucharest last night quite late. The girl at information just told me to go where the buses were. It appeared there were no buses to Brasov. But then a guy working on the ground in the airport told me to cross the road to another part of the airport and there were some small buses going there. I found them. They asked if I had a booking. I didn’t so I waited in line with a couple of guys. We would get seats if some people didn’t turn up.

It was quite cold. I got talking to one guy who spoke fluent English and had just arrived from Dublin. He was from Brasov, Transylvania and said he travelled a lot.

We ended up getting the last two seats together right at the back of the bus. Lucky us! That there was 2 free seats as he hadn’t booked either. We talked the whole 3 hour journey. He had dark hair and was a really nice guy and he was called…. wait for it. Vlad! Yes, I met a Vlad on my first journey through Transylvania on a bus through the Carpathian mountains. What are the chances?!! Hee hee. Plus he had dark hair and pale skin.

This is why I love travelling. Vlad was SUPER POSITIVE! He works as an International Hairdresser literally jetsetting around the world to teach people. He was on his way back from Dublin last night, today he is in Poland and next week hes in South Korea! He trained in Vidal Sassoon in London when he was younger and moved on from there.

I’d love a job like that. With international travel, but I’m not a Hairdresser. He was utterly fascinating to talk to because he was so friendly, positive and interesting. He said that he was also a fan of a mostly vegan or vegetarian diet. His favourite sport was Snowboarding which he has a passion for and the type of hairdressing he teaches is unique. He calls it Holistic Hairdressimg and his business partner is Italian.

He was one of those people with a LUST for life you know. said he was passionate about what he did and loved life. He lives a really full life and was deeply spiritual too, meditates every day and we were talking about all kinds of everything. He was very into mythology and mysticism too. He was great to talk to. A real genuine guy.

As we went journeyed through the Carpathian mountains it began to snow. He loves snow. So do I. He does not have a TV he said and neither do I. He’s living too full a life to have time for one and also isn’t really interested. He likes reading though. He was very intelligent. He told me some history of The Black Church in Brasov, various other castles and cities to visit. He also said he loved his home town, Brasov and Romania and loves to get home but he also loves the travel and will continue it as he is a young man and wants to make the most of his youth. He was 32 but looked a lot younger.

He was talking about the spirituality of long hair and the intricacies of hair dressing from what bone structure the person has, their lifestyle, all kinds of things. Never met such a mystical hairdresser.

Bus stopped along the way and me and Vlad smoked some cigarettes. Then I popped into the store. Gosh I meant to get a photo of the lit up UFO restaurant that was there too beside the shop. So random! And cool. 🕶

Anyway despite the freezing weather there was a good variety of gypsy tops. Lovely. Also spotted a Romanian copy of Harry Potter. And also, Wonder Woman.



Anyway could not have asked for a better bus buddy. First night in a new place is an Adventure. When we arrived in Brasov I said Goodbye to Vlad and Vlad asked the bus driver if he’d take me a bit further direct to my hotel before he went so I wasn’t stranded.  And the bus driver did take me to the old town which was really sweet.

You almost always see the great side of humanity when you’re travelling. At least I do! I thanked Vlad for all his information on Romania. He was a really lovely guy and a really chilled and considerate and happy kind of a guy with inner calm. When you’re in the presence of someone like that your vibration is instantly raised. They feel good about life and they make you feel good too. Happiness vibes. So he may have been called Vlad but there was nothing draining about him.

Anyway the bus we had been on was like a Sauna it was that hot. Seriously. Vlad showed me his tattoos and I took a photo. Ha ha. They were pretty interesting. So here for your viewing purposes are Vlads arms!!!!




Vald was cute and super intelligent and deep. You could talk about all kinds of random stuff with him. He definitely made the journey more fascinating. He’d be the type of guy that would make a good friend. I cant imagine anyone not liking Vlad. He was so easygoing.

Vlad’s a man whose living the life he wants. We can all be like Vlad. Aligning our outer world with our inner world. Living in integrity. Everything you want is on the other side of Fear. Think about that. He said the thought that Fear was an illusion. Oh yes and remember, like Vlad’s tattoo says… Heart over Mind. Always follow your Heart… ❤


(This post and photos is by Anne-Marie at – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.)

10 thoughts on “The Night Bus to Brasov, Transylvania and a boy named Vlad who showed me his Tattoos…

  1. Vlad sounds awesome. Hair stylists I find are very open and good conversationalists. Happy to hear you had great company on the first leg of your trip.

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    1. Hello supernaturalhippie with supernaturalwriting,

      I would like to echo eob2’s comment again! I particularly like the simplicity of the tattoo “heart over mind”.

      Thank you for your lovely comment that you gave me for my post entitled “If My Name Were Moon Tonight…”.

      I would like to inform you that I have replied to you with a very long and bespoke comment with a special message for you at the said post.

      Please take a good look of my reply there. You will need to visit the post directly to see the stylish comment as it really is, since WordPress does not handle or show advanced stylings in its reader and its notifier.

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        1. Dear supernaturalhippie,

          Heart over Mind indeed!

          Just a quick note to let you know that if you are having trouble with accessing my posts or my blog, then please be informed that many of my multimedia posts will benefit from being viewed on a large screen of a desktop and laptop computer, since those lengthy multimedia posts and my blog could be too powerful and feature-rich for iPad, iPhone, tablet or other portable devices to handle properly or adequately.

          Happy November! 🙂

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  2. Beautiful post! I agree, people who are at peace within and have a positive outlook are just so lovely to be around. And nothing better than making new, inspiring friends while traveling:) Thanks for sharing your positive vibes with us!:)

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