I’ve got my Ticket to Dracula’s Masked Ball at Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania… :-)

Hi everyone. The Halloween Season gets into Full Swing!!! Its not a day. It’s a holiday! Here is what a ticket to Dracula’s Castle Masked Ball looks like. Isn’t it cool? It’s cute.

Bran Castle Dracula Party Halloween Party Ticket October 2019

I keep calling it a Masked Ball but actually it’s just a major Halloween Party. But it will feel like a masked ball as everyone will be in Fancy Dress.

But actually I do want to go to a Masked Ball as well sometime. Maybe in Vienna or Venice. Nice. I would like to experience the Masquerade Festival in Venice.

I am spending the Halloween season in Transylvania and then I will be Roaming in Romania. ❤

The Dracula’s Castle Party is on Saturday 2nd November. Tomorrow. Can’t wait. 🧛‍♀ī¸ There will also be an Evening tour of the castle.

Will post more about travelling in Transylvania on my return. ❤ Had a great day today exploring Brasov and as well as seeing some great places, also found a fantastic Vegetarian Restaurant.

Tomorrow is Party Time! 🧛‍♀ī¸đŸĻ‡đŸ§›â€â™‚ī¸

10 thoughts on “I’ve got my Ticket to Dracula’s Masked Ball at Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania… :-)

  1. Will be looking forward to reading about your adventures and seeing photos. Have a wonderful time (I know you will :)đŸĻ‡đŸ•¸đŸĨ€đŸ’€ safe travels.

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  2. Wow, halloween in Romania sounds fantastic. I’ve heard there are historic vampire burials around Romania and Bulgaria, where the bodies have stakes through their hearts or had been excavated and burned. Congrats on going to Transylvania castle.

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