Return from Transylvania, Fear of Flying, Mysteries beginning to be Unearthed and more Romanian Tattoos!

Hi fellow bloggers. So I didn’t write much on my travels as my phone isn’t the best and I was too busy doing stuff. So I am going to start at the end and work back….

Airport Transfer driving through the Carpathian Mountains

I flew back yesterday from Bucharest to Dublin. Absolutely HATE flying!!!! Had a transfer through the Carpathian mountains with a funny driver who used to work on a Cruise Ship as a Photographer.

Motel Transylvania


Drive to Airport

Misty Carpathian Mountains

Fear of Flying, Turbulent Flight and VEGAN Lasagne

On arrival at Bucharest had to wait a couple of hours for check in to open. Then the flight was delayed. Then it was MEGA, MEGA Turbulent which is horrific. I am absolutely terrified of flying and turbulence is like a near death experience for me. In fact I hate the whole airport experience altogether, it’s long and drawn out and stressful. Would much prefer road and sea.

Managed to get a VEGAN Lasagne though. Miracle! Ha. And it was actually quite nice.

Vegan Lasagne Airline Meal

Lovely Romanian Couple on Flight

I was lucky though. A lovely girl sat beside me from Bucharest. She had beautiful dark hair, lovely olive skin and brown eyes and a great personality. Her boyfriend came from his seat later as there was a spare seat beside us. They were the loveliest couple. So cute. And super friendly. And so in love. Anyway we got talking about some really interesting things.

Transylvania – A Land of Mystery just below the surface

I knew that from travelling a bit in Transylvania I had seen the tourist level stuff, the surface level stuff but I knew and sensed there was a Land of Mystery just below the surface that I had not even touched upon. Tour guides showed you the popular sites and talked about history, the usual. Transylvania is a very beautiful and Holy Place full of  the most amazing old architecture, churches and clock towers and bells chiming. But there is also a very mystical, supernatural side and a dark past that even the church bells can’t truly drown out.

“I read that every known superstition in the world is gathered into the horseshoe of The Carpathians, as if it was the centre of some sort of imaginative whirlpool…”

Jonathan Harker’s Journal – Chapter 1 – DRACULA – By Bram Stoker

Definitely going back to Romania

The Tourist Product in any place has a certain formula. Taking people to the same spots and dispersing the same information. I like to do this. But I want more. It’s like here in Ireland I want to find things off the beaten track. The only way to do this is to happen upon a local person who knows the sites that tourists don’t frequent. When I travel I want the WOW factor. I want something different. And I got it right at the end. Which means I am definitely going back.

Ghostly Sighting in Cave High on Mountain in Monastery

Talking to this couple I got a glimpse of the mysterious and mystical side to Romania! And like WOW. They showed me a video from a Cave in an old monastery on a high mountain and honestly if you don’t believe in ghosts, spirits or the supernatural you totally would after watching this! I have never seen anything like it in my entire life. It is absolutely spookily inexplicable. If they send it I will share it.

The most spectacular looking Pagan site I have ever seen

They also showed me a photo of this unbelievable pagan site. I mean I have seen ancient sites in Ireland, England and Scotland. But NOTHING at all that comes even remotely close to this. It was on another level completely. They travel a lot and were super interesting and know a lot of fascinating sounding people. So we will hopefully keep in touch.

More Romanian Tattoos

Anyway, I will start talking about Transylvania at the end and work backwards. My journey ended as it began. Talking to intriguing people on a journey. And them showing me their tattoos… Remember Vlad? What are the chances? So here for your viewing purposes are the tattoos of the Romanian couple I sat beside on the flight from Bucharest. They were happy to show me. And kinda told me a little about their lives…. Every Tattoo tells a story. Right?

I have never had a tattoo or know many people that have so I am kind of intrigued by this. Also the tattoos on the people I met in Romania were kind of different from most tattoos I have seen before. Not that I have seen many tattoos! So here goes…

Fall Seven Times, Rise on the Eighth

The girl showed me her tattoo first. You can see it’s Roman numerals; 7 and 8. She said it means “Fall down seven times, rise on the eighth.” She said it was about always getting back up no matter what life throws at you. She said she wanted it to be personal to her hence the upside down triangle was falling and the upright triangle was rising and it was in roman numerals, rather than just spelling it out she wanted it to be more cryptic.

Romanian Tattoo

Everything Happens for a Reason

Her boyfriend then showed me his tattoo which is pretty straightforward. “Everything happens for a reason”. I thought in my mind; everything good, synchronistic, nice stuff. Then he went on to say “Everything good AND bad happens for a reason”. Which made me think… Well that you have to see some good or some learning from the bad. Neither of them went into too much depth as to the story behind their tattoos. They were both in their mid 20’s and a very close, bonded couple.

Romanian Tattoo on Flight

Return of The Gingerbread Man

Back in Dublin airport I saw some cool Irish mythology type posters as I was walking. When I stopped to wait for my luggage, I saw a Giant Gingerbread Man.

Giant GingerBread Man Dublin Airport

Anyway hope to keep in touch with these two. They had visited some absolutely fascinating places. Will write about Transylvania soon…. 🙂


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26 thoughts on “Return from Transylvania, Fear of Flying, Mysteries beginning to be Unearthed and more Romanian Tattoos!

  1. Really enjoyed reading about your adventures – love that girls tattoo and turbulence when flying is the worst!! Suddenly you feel the fragility is being thousands of metres up in something that can break arrrgh!! Nice to have you back.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes the only danger I see in travel is getting on an aeroplane. Which is utterly horrific. If time and money were no object I would never do it again. And spend my life travelling by land and sea. Oh by the way there was a guy from california I think it was at the restaurant at the bottom of Dracula’s Castle dressed as Dracula who said he was travelling the world in a campervan. Lucky him. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, many people have that fear…I can’t imagine how horrible to force yourself to do something you are terrified of !!!!

        That’s so cool you bumped into a Californian dude that travels by camper van !!!! Your dream to have one too ?


        Liked by 1 person

        1. Lots of people have a fear of flying! Aaaaargh. But it’s the easiest way to get places. Kinda necessary in the modern world. So I confront that fear. Always…. Cause its worth it. 🙂 But Turbulence…. Eek! Yes love hearing about people with campers. Yes I would love one. ❤ You too?

          Liked by 1 person

        2. True….it’s quicker & easier to fly … it’s been ages since I’ve flown myself… but I love flying in my dreams 🙂
          Yes my dream is also to have a camper van to live in…I wish I would have done it when I was younger though….my energy level is depleting….but if & when push comes to shove I can do anything !!

          Liked by 1 person

    1. I cant remember what that was?! Probably just meant travel. 🙂 Although you could definitely call Romania a spiritual adventure. Cant afford to up and travel long term. If I could I’d love to see the world by land and sea. Would like to move to coastal location, make money from creative stuff and have lots of good holidays!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is one very interesting idea! Anyway, you were writing in the late spring about your preparations for the big adventure of your life, how you will leave everything and just go explore the world, especially in the spiritual form.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes….I used to do just that (juice). Haven’t done it in years…I got this real good juicer too….thanks for REMINDING ME !!!!!! I was VEGAN FOR a while too…. but it was too hard when I had to cook for others …but if I was alone in my van it would be a good lifestyle choice ….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I find it hard to get enough fruit and veg but when I start the day with a good smoothie: plant based milk, lots of nuts and seeds, berries, banana, oats, peanut butter I got good energy.

      2 things I’d recommend to get back into the juicing. A documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead with Joe Cross an Australian guy travelling the USA on a green juice fast! It’s really entertaining.

      Also Dan the Life Regenerator McDonald has an epic YouTube channel where he does juicing from Hawaii!

      Theres lots of good netflix shows about this too. I remember reading a book gosh over 15years ago now about the important of enzymes as you get older. They give you the energy!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes ..I’ll watch it again…It was Dan that got me started with the juicing !!!! I’ve been watching him for YEARS !!!! I was watching him when he lived in the RV& did all his videos outside !!!! Boy is he good !!!! Thanks for the pep talk !!!!


        Liked by 1 person

        1. Really wow! Ha. Hes super positive and super fit! He makes me just want to go to Hawaii and drink from coconuts! Ha. He GLOWS with health and radiates positivity and enthusiasm. I cant think of any better JUICE Guru to watch. Hes an encyclopedia of knowledge. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes ! I used to shop at WHOLE FOODS a lot (whole paycheck) ha….I bought Thai Young Coconuts ALL THE TIME, I absolutely LOVE FRESH COCONUT WATER FROM THE COCONUT!!!!

    It was VERY EXPENSIVE to buy ORGANIC veggies all the time & juice…but I had about 6 big mason jars I’d fill with green juice & other kinds too….I LOVE THE LEMON GINGER BLAST ! Then I’d go to vegan restaurants all the time because it was a chore sometimes to always be fixing stuff……lots of work to juice & shop & plan meals ,etc….

    But yeah, he was my Guru for sure !!!
    I watched all kinds of vegan YT CHANNELS…..Dara is good too….have you seen her ? I like her older videos …

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  4. Glad your back (missed your writing) , happy to read about your return home. Having interesting seat mates always takes the mind of the fact you are miles up in the air. I love traveling planes, boats, tracings or automobile it doesn’t matter. I will be looking forward to hearing about the ball and any photos and stories you’ve accumulated. 😊💐

    Liked by 1 person

  5. glad that you’re back to blogging. sorry to hear about the turbulence, but the vegan lasagna looks great. also nice to see that you’ve met some nice people – it seems like you are attracted to people with tattoos! looking forward to hearing about Transylvania.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol. I’m actually not attracted to people with tattoos as such. It’s just the guy I met arriving there and the people I met leaving had tattoos. I’ve never had one or really met people that had. Theirs were intriguing. Got me thinking that every single tattoo likely tells a story. 🙂 Yeah it was great to see a decent veggie snack. Lots of people are cool with flying but I really dont like it but still do it.

      Liked by 1 person

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