Seeking Magic, Mystery and Vampires in Transylvania – Halloween 2019 – Castles, Churches, Carpathians, Cemeteries and Dracula Photos – The Holy, The UnHoly and the Undead…

Aaah, the Allure, the Romance, the Tragedy, the Passion, the Gothic Beauty of the Vampire… It is this mythology that made me want to visit Transylvania. I hope you enjoy my atmospheric photos. These are some of the highlights from my first visit to Transylvania, October/ November 2019.

Bran Castle, Dracula’s Castle, Bran, Transylvania, Halloween October 2019

Bran Castle, Dracula's Castle, Transylvania Halloween 2019

Bran Castle Lake

Count Dracula tours

Hungry Like the Wolf Draculas Castle

Bran Castle Wine

Draculas Castle

Bran Castle Cross.jpg

Draculas Castle Transylvania

Dracula Info Bran Castle

Bram Stokers Dracual Bran Castle Transylvania

Bran Castle Grandfather Clock

Dining with Dracula

Bedroom Draculas Castle

Knight in Armour Draculas Castle

Dracula Books Bran Castle

Bran Castle, Dracula's Castle Transylvania with Cross

Wooden Sculptures Bran Transylania

Brasov Old Town, Transylvania

Brasov Old Town Transylvania

Rope Street, Brasov – One of the narrowest streets in Europe

Rope Street Brasov

Rope Street Statue and Catherine’s Gate

Wolf Carving Sculpture Catherines Gate Brasov

Rasnov Fortress

Rasnov Fortress Transylvania

Behold… The Carpathians

Rasnov and Carpathian Mountains

Rasnov souvenir shops

Dracula Info Panel Rasnov Transylvania

Well in Rasnov

Rasnov Transylvania

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Transylvania

Peles Castle Transylvania

Peles Castle Courtyard

Statues Peles Castle

Peles Castle Sinai

Beautiful Black Cat in Brasov

Black Cat Transylvania

Black Cat, Brasov, Transylvania

Black Cat Brasov

Poiana Brasov, Transylvania

Church Transylvania

Orthodox painting in church

Orthodox Painting

Orhodox Church

Piatra Craiului National Park, Carpathians, Transylvania

Driving through The Carpathian Mountains

Canyon Transylvania

Brasov Old Town, Transylvania

Church Old Town Brasov

Church Brasov

Church Art

Roses in Graveyard, Brasov, Transylvania

Roses Transylvania

Church beside Graveyard Brasov

Church and Gravyard Brasov

Behold… A White Dove

White dove amongst Pigeons

Fairytale church Brasov Transylvania

Rose and Church

The Black Church

The Black Church Brasov Transylvania


Arrival at Sighisoara by Moonlight

Sighisoara Moonlight Transylvania Full Moon

Gypsy Caravan

Roma Caravan

Birthplace of Vlad Dracul

Casa Vlad Dracul

Old Transylvania Map

Casa Dracula Vlad

Vlad Dracul Wall Art

Scholar’s Stairs, Sighisoara

Covered Stairway sighisoara

Number 13 door sighisoara

sighisoara by Night

sighisoara mystical beast on building

sighisoara cobbled Street

Gypsy Wagon Transylvania

“He can appear as mist, as vapour, as fog, and vanish at will.” Bram Stoker’s Dracula

clock tower mist

The Dracula Investigation Experience

The Dracula Investigation

Dracula Investigation Exhibit

Dracula Invesstigation Exhibit

The Dracula Invesitgation silhouette art

Old Cemetery, Sighisoara

Sighisoara Transylvania

Cemetery Sighisoara

Graveyard sighisoara

Graves sighisoara

Cemetery Sighisoara Transylvania

Graveyard on Hill Transylvania

Batman, Gotham Style Grave

Batman Syle Gotham Grave

Batman Gotham Style Gravestone Transylvania

One of the SPOOKIEST houses I have ever seen….


In the Clock Tower…

Dolls at top of clock tower sighisoara

Antique candle holder transylvania

Bye Bye Brasov and Fairytale Churches

Church Old Town Brasov Transylvania

church Artwork on wall

Statue in Church Brasov

My first time Roaming in Romania…

Dracula Postcard from Romania


(All Photographs in this article are under copyright and are the property of – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.)

12 thoughts on “Seeking Magic, Mystery and Vampires in Transylvania – Halloween 2019 – Castles, Churches, Carpathians, Cemeteries and Dracula Photos – The Holy, The UnHoly and the Undead…

  1. great photos, and making them black and white added to the effect. It looks like it is the perfect place to visit at Halloween. I can’t remember if you already wrote about the scariest house you’ve ever seen; if not, I’d be curious as to what made it so scary…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well the scariest house I personally have ever seen is that one right up there. In Sighisoara, Transylvania. The moment I saw it. In all my life in all my travels I have never seen such a spooky house. Just to look at. I mean look at it. It’s very unusual, cool, old, quaint and definitely spooky! It’s certainly not a house you”d normally stumble upon.

      I think its known as “The Shoemakers Tower” or “The Cobblers Tower”. And yes I saw something curious there… But I expect theres a logical explanation. 🤔

      Liked by 1 person

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