Dracula Wine,Vampire Chocolates, Mystical Spirits and other Gothic Goodies at Bucharest Airport, Romania… KISSES from Transylvania Xxx

Well, I could have had a field day buying Dracula Wine, Vampire Chocolates and other Gothic Goodies at Bucharest Airport! LOVED the stuff I saw there. A Vampire’s Dream. A little bit of DESIRE goes a long way…

Desire Dracula Wine

Didn’t see any of these little delights on my travels in Transylvania. The stuff they sell at the airport must be unique to the airport perhaps. So if you love your VAMPIRE or DRACULA or Horror Kitsch, here we go…. LOVED the Artwork on these chocolates and the purple colouring. Here’s some “Kisses from Transylvania” Chocolate Truffles. Oh WOW re the raspberry ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

Raspberry Vampire Kisses Chocolates from Transylvania Bucharest Airport

Kisses from Transylvania Vampire Dracual Chocolate

Now these are the types ofย  SPIRITS I like to see…. Legendary DRACULA Spirits…

Legendary Dracula Spirits

Dracula Wines Transylvania

Castle Dracula Wine

Legend of Dracula Wine

Could have thrown a little Vampire themed party on my return where it not for the fact I’ve a very large fuel bill to pay!!! Aaaaarrrrgh. Now that IS scary…. But I need to keep my place FIRED up in the Bleak Mid Winter…

Vladuts story Dracula Stuff

These are the coolest little pieces of merchandise I’ve seen in any airport so I will have to go back! There was a lot more where that came from but I was kind of conscious that I was the only one in the airport taking photos of bottles of wine! I had to stick my neck out a bit to get these snaps. Hee hee, I have crossed Oceans of Time to find Dracula things. I will go into the Unknown again… Alone!

Pink Kisses from Transylvania Mugs

Black Kisses from Transylvania Dracula Cups

Well that’s all I am going to write for now. Ball Point pen or Fountain Pen boxed in coffin anyone…?

Dracula Ball Point pens and Fountian pens in Coffins

Anyway, “CHEERS” from a FUN SPIRIT….

Cute Dracula Spirits Transylvania

Luckily, LEGENDARY DRACULA has a website. For LOVE that NEVER dies…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

OMG re: their collection. There’s some stuff in there that is literally to die for! Here are my 2 FAVOURITES simply for the Artwork. I don’t like cherries and I don’t like coffee pralines. But 10 out of 10 for the design of these! Also they have a superb and classy website. Very well done.


KISSES From Transylvania also have a website... Xox

Kisses from Trransylvania Raspberry chocolate truffles

Legendary Dracula may be the closest you get to getting drunk on Dracula’s spirit or tasting his red wine. Along with some Kisses from Transylvania, these could be the perfect CHRISTMAS or VALENTINE’s gift for the Gothic Girl or Femme Fatale in your life…


(This post is by Anne-Marie at SupernaturalHippie.com โ€“ Not to be reproduced without prior consent.)

12 thoughts on “Dracula Wine,Vampire Chocolates, Mystical Spirits and other Gothic Goodies at Bucharest Airport, Romania… KISSES from Transylvania Xxx

    1. Yeah. There is some stuff on sale at Bran Castle and Bran grounds and in the other towns I visited but I definitely didn’t see these goodies! ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe they are on sale elsewhere but I definitely didn’t spot them. Although I did not visit the city of Bucharest. Would rather do that on a city mini break and not at Halloween. Did see other cool stuff though which I will post about.

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