This FILM gives “Last Christmas I gave you My Heart” a whole new meaning… An Uplifting Rom Com with a poignant Supernatural twist…

Last Christmas

So I was meeting a friend in town today and we decided to watch a movie. I had a look and there was nothing much that caught my eye. I spotted “Last Christmas” and I thought okay, may as well go watch a light hearted, Christmassy Rom Com as there’s not much else on. And I’m so glad I did.

A Romantic Comedy with a Supernatural Twist

Because there is ONE moment – Boom. You are just not expecting it and it’s like, you feel it in the heart, your eyes well up and it’s so unexpected. It kinda takes your breath away. I’d say go watch this film without knowing too much about it. And let the Christmassy story unravel. Not many films are able to grab you in such a clever way when you least expect it.

Starring Game of Thrones Actress Emilia Clarke

Last Christmas was written by Bryony Kimmings and English actress Emma Thompson who co wrote it with her husband, Greg Wise, an English actor and producer. It stars Emilia Clarke as Kate, a disillusioned 20 something Elf working in a Christmas Shop in London. You may recognise her from Game of Thrones! And Henry Golding who plays Tom a potential love interest. He’s an actor, model and television host who has presented BBC’s “The Travel Show” since 2014.

If you like Bridget Jones and Elf you’re gonna like this

When I started watching this I was like, right, it’s a bit Bridget Jonesy. Then I thought it’s a bit like ELF, it’s a comedy. It’s also a Rom Com. It’s also about someone having a Quarter Life Crisis. It’s really entertaining with some cringeworthy moments. And then, it just becomes something totally different, something kind of supernatural. I’d expected a Romantic Comedy and that’s the surface level of this film. It’s wrapped up as that but there’s something way, way more deeper.

A movie filled with the Music of George Michael

If you are a George Michael fan you are going to love that the movie soundtrack for this is all George Michael and Wham music and Andrew Ridgeley makes a fleeting appearance. This is a feel good movie that covers some modern themes, such as homelessness and racism and shows some quirky parts of London. It’s a comedy with an element of romance and a feel good factor, it’s uplifting but it’s also incredibly poignant. And hearing all those George Michael songs… Awww… Takes me back.

A Film that entertains you then makes you THINK…

If you liked Bridget Jones Diary or Elf or you like Rom com’s or Comedies or Life Crisis movies, you are going to like this one. But it’s going to have a wide appeal. Without giving too much away, it’s also got a touch of the mystical and supernatural about it. LAST CHRISTMAS… It’s got me thinking… You will too.

Last Christmas Actress


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10 thoughts on “This FILM gives “Last Christmas I gave you My Heart” a whole new meaning… An Uplifting Rom Com with a poignant Supernatural twist…

    1. I know!!! Honestly. I’ve not had something hit me like that in a while in a movie! Did you just see it today? I’ve been trying to tell people, look it;s not your average rom com. It’s just so touching and so profound.

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      1. I went on itโ€™s first week of release. All ways try to catch a Christmas Movie at the Flix. Great soundtrack, funny, moving and what a โ€˜didnโ€™t see that comingโ€™ twist. Just wonderful ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜

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