5G and EMF Exposure Part 1: health effects

Reblogging this post from another blogger called Stephen which gives information for those who are concerned about 5G….

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There is a lot of information there about concerns regarding 5G. Fifth Generation Technology has been rolled out across the globe with no regard to the consequences. There are real and legitimate health concerns.

3 thoughts on “5G and EMF Exposure Part 1: health effects

  1. Recently while on the job in Downtown Denver, I watched a company install a very tall light pole on the corner of 17th & Lincoln. The pole is actually a 5G pole disguised as a light pole. I agree, there are a lot of health concerns ECT…

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    1. This is happening a lot. There is all kinds of crazy stuff going on. I was cycling one day and saw guys putting cell masts outside peoples homes while they were at work at the top of a lamp post. I mean how do they decide which unlucky person hosts the cell mast for their street? It’s become really apparent in the last year. I just see nature being eroded, trees being cut down. Cancer rates are epidemic. I don’t think they would be if we didn’t have such invasive technology. The huge 5G Cell Towers are scary. They just look so ominous. I think it’s all very extreme.

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