Starlight’s, Sci-Fi, Shop Windows, Sgt Pepper, Jim Morrison and Christmas Market Artworks

Retro Sci-Fi Stuff

So it’s that time of the year again where things are getting hectic coming up to Christmas. I was wandering around town a while back, when this window display caught my eye…. Very Sci-Fi! Very cute 😉

Retro Sci Fi Backpack bag

Jim Morrison Retro Rug

So I had to take a look inside where I found Jim Morrison hanging off the wall in rug form. Very Cool…. And a few other cool things…

Jim Morrison Rug

Beautiful Star Lights

Then I had to shoot on to the dentist. Eek! In a Christmas Market later, spotted these STAR shaped Star Lamps which are super cool and trendy.

Starlights Star Lampshades

I remember having one before when I was a student. I think the time has come again to bring a little Starlight into my life!

Western Wooden Artwork

Later, some very funky wooden artworks caught my eye…

The Hateful Eight Country and Western Artwork

Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Wooden Artwork

I went to take a closer look. How COOL is this Beatles Sgt Pepper’s artwork… I might have to get this. If it’s still there…

The Beatles Artwork Christmas Market

Hello Foxy

Cute Red Fox. Hello Foxy…

Cute Red Fox Wooden Art

Happiness is a way of Travel not a destination

I got talking to a stall holder from Hungary, who was telling me about the company that makes them. Reminded me I would liked to visit Hungary as I have never been. Budapest is a place I want to visit.

So many places to see…

So little money!

CamperVan Happiness Wooden Artwork

Seafaring Artwork

So much amazing Window Shopping…

Half of me wants a cool pad with cool stuff.

Half of me wants to be off grid.

Life is a journey life at sea seafaring ship at sea with captain wooden artwork

The World and The Solar System

Under the Stars…

Getting Spooky

Here’s some spooky stuff….

Chess Sets Galore – does anyone play anymore?

Later I spotted some cool chess sets.

Chess Boards

Does anyone play Chess any more? I used to like that. Plus, drafts, monopoly, snakes and ladders, etc. Though my favourite game was Scrabble. 🙂

Sending some Starlight

Anyway, if you can’t spot any Starlight’s where you are I found a company that makes ones that same as what I saw here… It’s called PaperStarLights. Here’s their description…

Paperstarlights – Love and Light Since 1996

“With their mesmerising brilliance and warm atmospheric glow, Paper Starlights have been loved by two generations of customers across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Our Starlight lanterns make any space beautiful, and for over 20 years they have cast light over countless family Christmases and decorated a host of venues from Kings Cross Station to Twickenham Film Studios, from Grand Designs to Glastonbury Festival.

More than two decades of expertise have gone into producing the finest paper lanterns, unrivalled in design, beauty, luminescence and quality. Our fair trade paper lampshades are hand-made from natural materials, are happily traded – and have been for over twenty years.”

Hope you have a Star Filled Week…


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