A Musical Christmas Maze in the Pyrenees with a Magical Gnome…

Neon Christmas Maze in Andorra

This was a random Neon type Christmas Maze in the town of Andorra in the Pyrenees Mountains Last Christmas.

Christmas Maze in Andorra

Walking in a Musical Maze

As you walked around it, it played Music, Wizzard, “I wish it could be Christmas Every Day”.

Christmas Maze with Gnome

Hello Gnomey

There was a delightful little Magical Gnome there.

Gnome Christmas Maze Pyrenees.jpg

Church on Christmas Eve in Andorra

After this I wound up in an absolutely beautiful church which I will post about.

Church Christmas Eve Andorra

Christmas Eve Bus

Then I hopped on a bus. The Christmas Eve Bus. There’s something Magical about getting an Evening Bus in another country on Christmas Eve. Always an Adventure getting a bus in another country in the dark and not speaking the language, unsure of where you are going but hoping it’s in the right direction!

Life is like a Maze sometimes. 🙂


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8 thoughts on “A Musical Christmas Maze in the Pyrenees with a Magical Gnome…

  1. LOVE YOUR POSTS, My children think I’m regressing ,at the age of 62, I call it growing and learning you’ve shown me many places and shared your experiences, feel I’m almost there.

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