The Barefoot Movement – Kick your shoes off and listen to this! :-)

The Barefoot Movement

Discovered this upbeat band while browsing on Youtube one day and I like their quirky, relaxed, folksy, fun and laid back style.

Anywhere I plant my feet

“Anywhere I plant my feet” is an apt title for a song from a Barefoot Band called The Barefoot Movement. This version was filmed live at the Renaissance Center, Kingsport Tennessee in February, 2016

Nashville Americana Band

The Barefoot Movement are a Nashville based group who perform a mixture of folk, blues, pop, bluegrass and country. Their music falls mostly into the genre of Americana.

Electric Light Orchestra Cover – Don’t Bring Me Down

This is a great cover of the ELO number, “Don’t Bring Me Down”. Performed in a vehicle. I like groups who perform in random places acapella and I like this song. They call this “Carcapella”.

Band Members

The Barefoot Movement

The Band Members are:

Noah Wall: Vocals, Fiddle
Tommy Norris: Mandolin
Alex Conerly: Guitar, Vocals
Katie Blomarz: Bass, Vocals

The Eagles – Witchy Woman

It was this song that led me to discover this band. I was looking for videos for the song “Witchy Woman” coming up to Halloween and stumbled upon this. Very Cool. Great Cover. More Carcapella. Isn’t the little witches hat cute? 🙂

Bonfire Music Group

The Barefoot Movement are signed up with Bonfire Music Group and released “Early in the Morning” in November. It will feature on their forthcoming EP which will debut February 2020.

Baby Please come Home – A Christmas Song

Leaving you with this lovely little Chistmas number, “Baby Please Come Home”. Sweet.


The Barefoot Movement are currently on tour in the USA. 🙂

I’d go see them if I was in the USA. 🙂

Barefoot Christmas Tour

While writing this I discovered another Barefoot Movement in Australia! If you are into holistic health and connecting with nature you will like it. 🙂


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