17 thoughts on “Get out of my Facebook and give me MySpace she Tweeted… Social Media Prose

        1. Yes Myspace had a music part which means it would have been right up your street! There was a MySpace Music. But you also had your own myspace page which was kinda like a little mini website you could tweak. And you could add a song, images, upload photos. There were brilliant groups too. Some great travel groups and stuff. It worked cause it wasnt news, politics, corporate, ads. It was more creative.


    1. Theres so many sites now I’ve lost count! I absolutely loved Myspace at the time as I thought it had a great vibe and you could also personalise your page kind of like a mini website and I connected with some really great new people there and also collaborated creatively. Then it kind of faded.

      I still have a personal account on facebook that I check the very odd time but that’s about it.

      They all have their pros and cons and good points too but I was spending whole evenings scrolling on social media and I was like what am I doing?! Ha. As it wasnt a happy vibe whatever way the algorithmn worked. I like WordPress cause you get to be creative. 🙂

      All the sites are good in their own way though at the same time. I wrote this as a bit of fun for when you have spent way too much time on the internet aimlessly. 😐 I agree some are getting way too politicised. Also full of ads and corporate led. I’m not into them right now as my eyes are way too sore but maybe in future will find one that works.

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      1. I definitely felt that reading it. I also really enjoyed MySpace and was sad to see it go by the wayside. I met a lot of people from all over on MySpace. Facebook or twitter never felt that way to me. I think that’s why I like WordPress. People aren’t afraid to reach out to one another and check out there interests and/or creations.

        Anyway, thanks for the chuckle. I really enjoy your website. Take care:)

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        1. I totally agree with you Hobo Moon! Theres such a different vibe when people are being their true authentic creative self. And that’s what Myspace tapped into. I found Myspace really magical. I met a guy there that illustrated some poems for me and a new friend that I visited in America. It worked in a totally different way. Facebook never felt like that as you couldnt imprint your personality as much. It was more uniform.

          Never got into twitter as it’s very fast moving. But I know people that love it. I’ve just got so many books to read I havent even let myself discover new social media sites! Thanks for the comment. I have to watch some of your videos. 😁

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        2. I agree. I tried Twitter for a minute, but I just didn’t get it. Besides, I can’t handle the bombardment of the hate-fueled BS and ranting Trump spews on there.

          That would be great if you could! I know it’s hard to do sometimes. On my website I post my own work as well as work from artists that have inspired me throughout my life to become a creator of art. I have my own personal drawings, photography, short films, animation, and some poetry posted on there. I have to read some more of your poetry and stories.

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        3. I’ve written lots of poems but I went and made most of them private but I will have to let then out again!

          I checked out some of your art. Very cool. Must have taken ages to upload in that way! Will check out your page more now that I know you exist!

          I’ve written flash fiction too. But I’ve not posted as I realised that you cant enter it into competitions if you post it online first. But I might just get it out there as who knows how long we are on this planet. 🤔

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  1. That is very true. I know what you mean though. I would very much like to read some of it if you ever do decide to put it out there. It did take me a while initially, but now I just upload one thing at a time. I can’t wait to explore your website. Thanks again and stay tuned:)

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