“YOU” – Part Two – Just when you thought Bookstores were safe… Netflix – You – Season Two – Teaser Preview

YOU – Season Two

If you watched Season One of YOU on NETFLIX you probably found it pretty addictive and a real roller coaster ride.

From New York to LA

So now we have YOU – Part Two, which sees Joe Goldberg, your average, everyday serial killer move from New York to Los Angeles.

A New Start

Time to find a new victim. A new bookstore. A new apartment. A new location. A new identity.

New Muses and Old Ghosts

Except this time he tries to avoid women but then they come looking for him. Or so it seems. New muses. Old ghosts.

Fresh Victims

Does a Psychopath have a conscience? Well he does keep having Flashbacks. Can he still switch on the charm. Yeah. Because he studies his victims.

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Meet your match. YOU S2 December 26.

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Psychological Thriller

The last two shows I watched on Netflix didn’t really grab me. YOU does. Grab you. Right from the start. Gripping, you could say. It’s a psychological thriller. Full throttle.

Superb Modern Script

The script for this show is clever and excellent. It’s really modern, moving from internal dialogue to social media messages appearing on screen, to past events to the present day.

Not so good for YOU

If you want to get into the mind of a very disturbed male with a manipulative mind and deathly, violent tendencies this is your show. It’s also a good study of exactly the type of man you want to avoid. If you have met a guy like this YOU need to get away. “If he Loves YOU that’s the most dangerous thing”.

Cosmic Punishment?

Season Two, Episode 1, starts with Joe, now called Will, looking like he’s getting his karma. Or Cosmic Punishment as he calls it. Let’s see where it goes…

Mind of a Psychopath

Episode 2 confirms that our central character is just as Psychopathic as he ever was and people are dispensable to him.

A Leopard doesn’t change his spots

Men like this move on quickly. Finding new prey. This season he is quite the voyeur. And he’s found a new LOVE…

Home Sweet Home or Always on the Run?

“Any place is probably beautiful if you try to stop running for one second. I’m tired of running. I want a home.”

But will it be LOS ANGELES…


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2 thoughts on ““YOU” – Part Two – Just when you thought Bookstores were safe… Netflix – You – Season Two – Teaser Preview

  1. It’s soooo good, isn’t it? Really well done. One of the best shows on Netflix I think. Really good script writer there. Keeps you hooked! Very well made. Addictive. Definitely one you can binge watch. I like how he is now in a totally new city and place with a new identity. Makes it very interesting.


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