Welcome WOLF MOON, January 2020… And Lunar Eclipse

Happy Full Wolf Moon 2020

I am a lover of Full Moons. From a young age I was fascinated by the Moon in the Night Sky. This January 10th 2020 is the FIRST FULL MOON of the Year 2020. It is what is known as THE WOLF MOON. It was given this name by the Native American Indians who would hear the wolves howling hungry for food at this cold time of year.

I have long been fascinated with wolves. I saw my first wolf in a sanctuary in Transylvania a few months ago. It was in a sanctuary but still it was enclosed behind bars. There were two of them, itching to run free. They had space to walk around but not to really run. They are safe I guess in a sanctuary. But I think they’d bolt if they could. At least they had each other. And were taken care of. Makes you wonder though would you rather be trapped and taken care of or running for the hills even if it meant life or death.

Wolves are associated with the Moon, Shamanism, Native American Indian cultures and are incorporated into many stories around the world. The connection with the moon and wolves gave birth to werewolf legends, shapeshifters who would change from man to wolf on a full moon.

Wolf Mythology and Folklore

Wolves feature in fairy tales, folklore and horror movies. Little Red Riding Hood being my favourite and “American Werewolf in London” and “The Company of Wolves” being my favourite Wolf films. The Company of Wolves was based on a story from a book of dark fairy tales from the author Angela Carter called “The Bloody Chamber”. Wolves have long been persecuted and mostly demonised but they are also romanticised. They still exist and some still run wild and free.

Lone Wolves and Running with Wolves

Lone Wolf is a popular term for an individual who refuses to conform. A friend recently recommended a book to me; “Women who Run with Wolves”. I am going to read it. She says it’s amazing. Wolves are beautiful creatures and they will always represent “The Call of the Wild”. Most people have a favourite wolf story or movie or song. Here is a guy called Michael Della Roca talking about The Wolf Moon. Raaaargh! He’s very Wolfy! Good teeth and hair. Hee hee

Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse

This January’s Full Wolf Moon coincides with what is known as a prenumbral lunar eclipse where the moon gets caught in the earths shadow. During this celestial event you may notice a slight darkening of the moon. It is the first of four lunar eclipses in 2020, the next one occurring in June. There will be 6 eclipses in total in 2020, four lunar and two solar.

Moon in the Sign of Cancer

This January’s Wolf Moon is in the sign of Cancer, the Great Mother and nurturer, a sign which embodies the sacred feminine. I am Cancerian, (though very, very close to Gemini) and tend to be very drawn to and affected by the moon and drawn to the element of water. More about the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer in the video below.

Moon and Eclipse effects

The effects of this eclipse will be felt for around 6 months and will cause tides to rise and also bring forgotten memories to the surface. Perhaps also bring ancestral memories to the fore. It is a time to retreat, find sanctuary, draw boundaries and nurture ourselves.

Here’s a good post from MOON OMENS about how it could affect you Emotionally.

Let’s just say it’s going to be INTENSE…


(This post is by Anne-Marie at SupernaturalHippie.com – Not to be reproduced without prior consent.)

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