Currently watching “THE WITCHER” on Netflix – A Supernatural, Medieval Fantasy TV Show based on a book series

So I just finished watching “YOU” Series 2 on Netflix and it was great, full of twists and turns as always and goes in a different direction than I’d thought. Addictive, adrenaline filled viewing. The only thing I thought though was that the romance in the first series felt more natural and slow moving and believable than the romance in the second series. But still a Bad Romance worth binge watching.

The Witcher Netflix

After getting over the fact that I cannot find Dracula, I have now moved on to “The Witcher”. I am on the first episode and he’s slaughtered a monstrous kind of giant swamp spider thing then set foot in a tavern only to be called a mutant! He is an impressive man who can work magic and has mastered supernatural abilities. He is also an expert sword fighter.

The Witcher Netflix Series

The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, is tall, Nordic looking, blonde, (white haired actually) kind of Elfin looking but macho. He’s a very masculine, moody and solitary kind of guy. He’s a lone monster hunter played by the Jersey born actor Henry Cavill. He normally has dark hair so you may remember him in his role as SUPERMAN.

The Witcher is based on a book series of the same name and is a Fantasy series set in medieval times in a fictional place called The Continent. The Witcher books were written by a Polish author called Andrzej Sapkowski.

“In Sapkowski’s works, “witchers” are beast hunters who develop supernatural abilities at a young age to battle wild beasts and monsters.” (Wikipedia)

Expect lots of drama, romance and battle scenes. If you are into medieval fantasies you  might like this. There is Magic, Sorcery, Maidens, Monsters, a Supernatural Hero and a lot of Sword Fighting.


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UPDATE: Still watching this but have been reading that “The Witcher” has broken NETFLIX viewing records! Getting the most views of a TV series in it’s first series. NETFLIX have revealed that 76 million watched the show within the first four weeks of its release.

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  1. I binged on this series, I like fantasy/mystical series. However some of these types of shows aren’t that good. I was told by my daughter that there is also a video game based on these books.

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