The Man with the Emerald City Green Shoes…

The Wizard of Oz

Last night, I stumbled upon a really long article on the internet about The Wizard of Oz. All these random fascinating facts. Like the fact that Judy Garland was not the original choice, they had considered Shirley Temple. That Judy originally had a blonde wig and then they decided to make her more natural with long brown curls. That they nearly used a real lion, the MGM one, rather than the lion actor. That the first actor that played the tin man was allergic to his make up and his lungs failed after breathing aluminium dust. So he had to be replaced. His replacement suffered an eye infection for 4 days from the silver paste that they painted on.

That the first actress cast for the wicked witch dropped out cause she didn’t want to be green. The original character was meant to be a glamorous evil queen. That the second wicked witch suffered burns on her face and hand and was out of action for several weeks. That none of them were allowed in the staff canteen in case they scared people. That the munchkins were really quite a crazy bunch. That Judy Garland was given drugs on set. That one of the witches guards stood on Toto’s paw and broke it. But the dog got a higher pay check than the Munchkins. That the magic slippers were actually silver but changed to red for the movie. The list goes on.

Author of Wizard of Oz’s jacket was purchased in a thrift store and worn on set

The most AMAZING fact of all was that the coat worn by Professor Marvel in Kansas once actually belonged to the author of The Wizard of Oz, L.Frank Baum. It was purchased for the movie in a thrift store when one day the actor Frank Morgan spotted a label in one of the pockets inscribed with his name. His widow confirmed, yes, it was his and it was gifted to her after the filming. Very synhcronistic and magical .Anyway I fell asleep with the Wizard of Oz somewhat in my head. When I woke up I wasn’t in Kansas or Oz I was still in Ireland, the Emerald Isle, so they say.

The Man with The Emerald City Shoes

I was walking about today and popped into a supermarket to get a few things when I saw this guy. And well, he really stood out. Like Emerald City Man. He was tall, with dark hair and a white sparkling jacket and white sparkling trousers and a waistcoat on. And the most amazing sparkling green shoes. Let’s call them The Emerald City Shoes! You really had to do a double take. You don’t see that every day.

Emerald City Shoes Man
The Entertainer

He looked like he belonged on the stage. In Show Business. Acting or singing or basically just hanging out with celebs. Very flamboyant. I stopped and said “Are you an Entertainer?” He smiled and said No. And then he joked he should be in London or something. I think he works in an office. I’m sure he brightens up the workplace! Someone mentioned the song then, The Entertainer. I used to love playing that on the piano.

When little old ladies love you, you’re a Looker!

A few old ladies stopped and stared at him, he was kind of gathering a mini crowd. And then they all wanted to get a photo with him saying, He’s Lovely. Isn’t that great. He’s just brightened up my day. Isn’t it great to see a bit of colour. All smiles. He was loving it. I was very intrigued at his dress sense. Super confident. And really so far out it was rather refreshing.

Men in white Suits

Very few men wear white suits, let’s face it. There’s a few men I think looked good in white suits; Travolta, Burt Reynolds, Kris Kristofferson and Barry Gibb. At least they are the four that come to mind. If you are a man that can look good in a white suit, you’re doing well!

Magical Style

Makes me think that most of us try and conform. Rather than adorn ourselves with wonderful fashions. I think teens are the time the most unique look you have comes out. As you get older you don’t really want to stand out as much. Although some still do. It feels good to look good. And you need a lot of confidence and self assurance to pull of these kind of shoes! But you know what, people love people like that. Cause what would life be without a little MAGIC.

Enchanting attire

Here he was dressed like a sparkling jewel in a dull grey city in a cold, bleak January and full of exuberance and confidence. And people were looking at him kind of enchanted. Or bewildered. You just could not walk on by. So that was the man with the Emerald City Shoes. In all my life I have never seen a guy with shoes like this! He wasn’t an older man, nor a young boy, he was a young man. I’ d say early twenties.

Have you got a pair of CRAZY shoes?

So there we have it. For anyone looking a pair of sparkling green shoes. Unfortunately I cannot remember where he said he got these. Young people, you have to embrace the exuberance of youth. And Adults, Life should be FUN. Or at least have elements of it. And at any age I think it’s good to dress well. People are drawn to colour. And this guy was far out. When you walk through crowds of people in muted dull colours in a city it’s nice to spot someone a little bit different. Maybe we all have a crazy pair of shoes…. Maybe it’s time to get them out of the closet. Maybe your shoes will make someone take note. 😉 Have you got a crazy pair of shoes?

A Banker called Derry from Kerry

After that I popped into a computer place and randomly got talking to a guy called Derry from Kerry. No kidding. That’s Derry, yes and not Gerry. Derry from Kerry. That’s a little limerick waiting to be written. He was a banker he said. Anyway, I guessed that he was from Kerry straight away. He’d the most beautiful soft velvety accent. Like a flute. He was a little amazed and said I was only one of two people that immediately placed his accent when  he wasn’t in his home town. I am good with accents. I told him I was Psychic. I think he believed me. 🙂 Then I was on my merry way.


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11 thoughts on “The Man with the Emerald City Green Shoes…

  1. Great article. I did know some of the info about the behind the scenes of Oz. Love the guy with the Green Shoes, takes a very confident person to dress that way. I have a friend that’s a flamboyant dresser ( funny he’s Irish from Tipperary and a poet) . I’ve seen him wear a white blazer, with an ascot, light tan linen trousers and a straw fedora. I might add he’s a poet also. The boldest shoes I ever had were a pair of red cowboy boots, I loved them.

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    1. Your friend sounds like a blast. Red Cowboy Boots excellent. My favourite boots were a pair of knee length tan suede wedge boots with a fringe. They were cool.. A mixture between cow girl and Native American Indian. I love boots. And I love red shoes. I’ve quite a lot of interesting shoes. But I cycle a lot so dont tend to wear them. 🙂

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  2. Very entertaining! Brings back memories. Movies have come a long way since then. Actors were subjected to horrible things in those days and that a parent or anyone would allow their child suffer the abuses that poor child did for fame. It was common knowledge that Judy was often starved to keep her thin. I spoke with Shirley Temple Black once and she told me how protective her parents were, which limited her in some sense. She was every bit as sweet in person as she appeared onscreen.
    Those white suits were not terribly uncommon here in San Diego. There was a nightclub that was frequented with these guys and boy could they dance. They often scored to. They set their eyes on some girl and lure into their limo’s and take them home or wherever. I had one ask me to dance but fortunately I have two left feet and he lost interest. LOL I was curious as to what happened to these girls but my spidy senses always protected me.

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  3. Fascinating. Were you a journalist? I’m thinking the white suits might have been a thing in the seventies. I’ve never seen a man in a white suit in a disco! Ha. 😀 Only in America. Seems white suits and limos went together then. Only time I was in a white limo was in San Francisco. Theyre not a thing here. They must be popular in California. There was taxi limos and stuff. But no men in white suits!

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  4. Another great article on your amazing day to day adventures !!! My shoes & BOOTS get crazy looking after i wear them for a while….my big TOES curl up slightly and wear holes through them if they are suede or soft leather ! I have a pair of soft suede UGGS with HOLES where my big toes go, which i wear anyways…because they’re so comfortable….can imagine seeing someone wearing boots with their toes sticking out in the winter ? Haha

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    1. My amazing day in the supermarket lol. Ha. It was those shoes that made it a little less dull. Sounds like you need some new boots!! I cant imagine that in the winter… you must love them and have good socks….🧦 👢🥾🥿👠👟👠🥿🥾👢🧦

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