9 thoughts on “Window Shopping Hippy… Happy Mondays – Valentines Hearts, Rainbows and Lots of Love… Plus some cool RETRO Music

  1. LOVE πŸ’— this post and all the songs. Definitely love is in the air 😊. I like those storage containers also. You should check out this website BlueQ I think you would ❀️ it and have some laughs.

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    1. LOL. I’m not really. Upbeat all the time. Half the time I’m a depressed recluse! Or some of the time. I’m a myriad of emotions. πŸ™‚ Ha. Aren’t we all? But yes generally try to be upbeat. I think it helps I don’t have a TV and don’t watch the news 24 /7 as I think that brings people down. I get enough of the news on the internet. Better to fill your life with things you love. And spread the love. Xox

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