I want to watch RENEGADE but it has disappeared into the Sunset…

No Motorcycle Helmet needed – This one’s a Wild one

Just look at the way his hair blows in the wind. What an Action Man. What a Motorbike. I used to love watching RENEGADE when it was on TV. But I never actually watched the whole thing in order from start to finish. I wanted to buy it but can’t seem to get the box set to watch in a European Region Dvd.

Renegade Actor

One Man and His Bike

RENEGADE was a 1990’s American Television show that ran from 1992 until 1997. 1990’s and it already feels totally RETRO. It ran for 5 seasons and starred Heart-throb Lorenzo Lamas as Reno Raines, a Renegade on the Run. A former San Diego Police Officer who exposed corruption and then was framed for crimes he didn’t commit. On the road he joins forces with a Native American Indian Bounty Hunter called Bobby Sixkiller played by Branscombe Richmond.

Master of Martial Arts

Wow that boy had some moves! Fun to watch. Nobody’s gonna mess with him. 😉 He’s got your back. Ha! What a mega hunk. He is one fit kick boxing cookie. The Star Actor Lorenzo Lamas saw Renegade as an opportunity to utilise his Martial Arts capabilities and Motorcycling skills in an acting role.

Series Creator played a lead role and Lamas’s wife played Bobby’s Sister

The series was created by Stephen J Cannell and Lorenzo convinced him to let his then wife, Kathleen Kinmont star in a role alongside him as Cheyenne Phillips so that they could be together and a separation wouldn’t ruin their marriage. She plays the sister of Bobby Sixkiller and the girl that pines for him. Cannell played the recurring role of the crooked police officer Donald Dutch Dixon.

Renegade TV Series

Filmed in California with various bikes including one for Glamour Shots

The show was mostly filmed in San Diego, California and a number of motorbikes were used. One special shiny bike was kept for “Glamour Shots”.

Can you buy this anywhere?

So this is what I want. RENEGADE Seasons 1-5 to watch in European region. But alas I cannot find. Would be great if NETFLIX added more old and retro titles. 🙂 Or somebody created a RETRO streaming service. Think you can get this Box Set in the USA though. .

Renegade The Complete Series

Can you remember RENEGADE? It’s hard to forget..

Lorenzo Lamas bike

Wanted Dead or Alive

“He was a cop, and good at his job, but he committed the ultimate sin—and testified against other cops gone bad. Cops that tried to kill him, but got the woman he loved instead. Framed for murder, now he prowls the badlands…an outlaw hunting outlaws…a bounty hunter…a RENEGADE…”

Lorenzo Lamas Photo


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12 thoughts on “I want to watch RENEGADE but it has disappeared into the Sunset…

        1. I FOUND it. Yay. I am on Episode Four. It’s on Filmrise – The RENEGADE Channel on Youtube. Here;s the description….

          “FilmRise is proud to offer full episodes of the hit series RENEGADE starring Lorenzo Lamas, a thrilling drama about corrupt cops, bounty hunters and the people they’re trying to avoid.

          FilmRise is one of the most recognized film and TV distribution companies and streaming networks in the world, providing outstanding content for today’s digital consumers.

          FilmRise provides over 20,000 titles in a wide range of genres — movies, classic TV, festival indies, kid’s shows, documentaries and foreign language releases. FilmRise content can be found in theaters, on FilmRise proprietary channels and on many popular streaming platforms including Amazon, Roku, Netflix, HBO, Pluto TV, iTunes and more.”


          I think it will be right up your street…

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  1. Wow! Thanks for this blast from the past! Talk about eye candy…hubba hubba. I watched this show every week and let’s be real…it was for the hair and hotness, not for the content. This was awesome and I appreciated the visuals….

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    1. Yeah gorgeous. 😍 Hair and Hotness! Lol. Ha. ❤ Have to admit dont think I’ve ever seen a Male actor with such a great head of hair as Lorenzo Lamas had in Renegade. Majestic. I’m watching it from the start and have to say as well as starrng the hunky hairy hippy biker it’s a great show. 😁

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