Happy Full Moon – The February SNOW MOON – SUPERMOON and STORM MOON Plus PHOTOS of Tonight’s MOON


Tonight sees February’s Full Moon. Known as the Full SNOW MOON. This was the name given to it by Ancient Native American Indian tribes. This was the moon that occurred often at a cold time of year and when it was snowing. It was also known as the HUNGER MOON a time when the land was frozen and food was scarce.

February’s SUPERMOON

It’s also a SUPERMOON so it appears brighter in the sky and you will see its effects for a few days. A Supermoon happens when the moon is closer to earth. When the moons orbit swings to it’s closest proximity to earth. At this time the moon looks brighter and larger than normal.

Stormy Weather

The arrival of Storm Ciara in the UK and IRELAND could impair viewing of this moon. The Met Office has issued a YELLOW WEATHER WARNING signalling strong winds, ice, rain and snow that could impact visibilty.

Storm Moon

This Moon is also known as The Storm Moon due to the weather often prevalent at this time of year. It’s a FULL MOON weekend and also a STORMY one in some parts. Night Owls, Moon Lovers and Storm Troopers rejoice. But dress appropriately and wrap up warm and expect poor visibility if you are in stormier parts.

Storm troopers gif

Everyone else… HIBERNATE!

moon girl 2

Photos of Tonight’s FULL SNOW SUPERMOON

The Mystery and Majesty of Full Moons…

Full Snow Moon Supermoon Photo February 2020

Full Snow Moon feb 2020

Full MOON February 2020 Snow Moon Super Moon Photo

Snow Moon Video from LUNAR PRINCESS – Secret Serendipity – Horoscopes, Astrology, Spirituality


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31 thoughts on “Happy Full Moon – The February SNOW MOON – SUPERMOON and STORM MOON Plus PHOTOS of Tonight’s MOON

  1. Ours came a day early before the SnowMoon. As you can see from my latest blog post. Not expected weather for this time of year. β„οΈπŸŒ•πŸŒŸπŸΊπŸ–€πŸ€­

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    1. Wow. Would love to see that as you are such a great photographer. πŸ™‚ I wish it was possible to upload photos in the comments section. Would make things so much more interactive and creative. Would be great if they made that possible. You could always post photos of The MOON tonight on your blog though!

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