All Messed Up – Johnny Payne – Light Organ Records – Modern Music that Sounds like the Seventies

All Messed Up

Just discovered LIGHT ORGAN RECORDS when I found the super cool song “Werewolf Valentine” for a poem that I wrote. Then I discovered this. “All Messed Up” by Johnny Payne. Definitely a kickback to the Seventies. 🙂 Love it. Superb Song and Fun Video. (Song starts about 0.39) Feel like I’m gatecrashing into a really FUN party here. 😉

Light Organ Records

Light Organ Records are based in British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. (I think that’s what B.C. stands for.) Strangely I keep randomly writing about things from British Columbia… I think I need to go there for a holiday. 🙂 Here’s how Light Organ Records describe themselves.

“In this post-everything music world, do concepts such as “alternative” and “independent” still mean something? Jonathan Simkin thinks they do. In fact, Simkin is so certain of it that in 2010 he founded Light Organ Records to shine a spotlight on artists exploring their own unique sonic visions.”

“We really wanted to be a home for things that were not what we would consider to be mainstream and to not become a label that’s just about chasing pop hits,” Simkin says.”

I really love this label. Still discovering it on Youtube.

Johnny Payne

Here is some information about the Artist of “All Messed Up”, Johnny Payne, from the Light Organ Records website…

“Do you remember rock and roll radio? The harmonies, the hooks, the choruses? Johnny Payne does. Or more specifically, he remembers that beautifully fucked up arc of let’s say ’70 to ’76, that time when the impossibly bright lights of an entire generation’s youthful idealism gave way to the muted amber glow of adult burn-out.”

This is my all time favourite song at the moment. 🙂

Hope you like it. How could you not. A modern, upbeat song that sounds like it’s from The Seventies…

All Messed Up Song

You can get it at Light Organ Records, Amazon Music and probably a few other places.

Have a GREAT Weekend!


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