Desolate Alice – A Dark Fantasy Poem – Alice in Wonderland Poetry

Desolate Alice

It’s Raining in Wonderland
The White Rabbit’s cross
The Red Queen is angry
So Alice runs off
The King needs more back bone
The cards all fall down
The Hare and the Hatter
Are just playing around
The Cheshire Cat’s messing
There’s a riddling grin
With no clear cut answers
Just does her head in
She’s all out of mushrooms
The magic’s dried up
The looking glass broke
Seven years of bad luck
They’re spray painting roses
It’s so superficial
The Queen is a Narcissist
Scary and official
Sometimes Alice feels big
Other times so small
She’s been so up and down
Ever since she had the fall
She cries a river of tears
To Sail away upon
No more tea parties now
The Fantasy’s all gone

(This Desolate Alice Poem and Desolate Alice Doodle is by Anne-Marie at – No unauthorised reproduction of poem without prior consent. No reproduction of full text.)

Alice in Wonderland Art - Desolate Alice - Depressed Alice Pic

Desolate Alice is a Depressing Alice in Wonderland poem I wrote.

This is a Desolate Alice Doodle I did on my dying laptop that is breaking down! Using a programme called Fresh Paint. So it’s very basic. Just from imagination.

I want to learn Digital Art. So if anyone can recommend some kind of ipad thing that you can draw on let me know. I want to get one that you don’t need to attach to a computer that you can directly create art on and also take photos with etc.

The picture below is one that I saw on various places online.

Alice in Wonderland art and quote

Alice in Wonderland Sit with you in the dark quote

Alice in Wonderland Quote Yesterday

alice in wonderland fork in the road quote

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