The DOOMSDAY CLOCK is 100 Seconds to MIDNIGHT :-( But The Elders are trying to Save Humanity…

We are 100 Seconds to Midnight on The Doomsday Clock

A few weeks ago I read that the world is the closest it has ever been to MIDNIGHT on The DOOMSDAY Clock. Midnight being APOCALYPSE, Chaos, The End of the World, Nuclear Armageddon, the End of Humanity.

“The Clock’s hands were moved forward to 100 seconds to midnight – the closest to midnight they have been since they were first set in 1947. The decision takes into account the precarious state of nuclear arms controls, the growing threat of climate disaster, and how these can be compounded by disruptive new technologies.”

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Doomsday Clock 100 Seconds to Midnight
Is the world going to Hell in a Handbasket?

That is rather depressing but I have to say I totally feel it. I feel like the world is getting worse. And other people I know feel like this. When I was a kid in the 1980s I didn’t feel the world was going a bad way. If it was I didn’t feel it then. Probably as I had no awareness of politics and world events then. But in the last couple of years things seem to have gotten pretty horrific, especially politically, which effects society and human behaviour. An older person I know described it by saying; “The World’s going to Hell in a Handbasket”!! I had not really heard that expression before. But it basically means a situation headed for disaster.

Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders and former Irish President said; “Our planet faces two concurrent existential threats: the climate crisis and nuclear weapons. We are faced by a gathering storm of extinction-level consequences, and time is running out.”

Mary Robinson Quote

So what is The DOOMSDAY Clock?

The Doomsday Clock first originated in 1947 as an infographic on the cover of a science journal. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Scientists had founded the bulletin to warn scientists of the disastrous consequences of their scientific inventions. Time on this clock does not reflect actual time. But 100 seconds is the closest we have ever been. In this case we need to turn back time to avoid catastrophe. You can read the current 2020 DOOMSDAY CLOCK Statement here.

Apparently the 1950s were bad

I was talking about this to the Gas Man. And he said. Oh No. It was terrible in the 1950s. It was so strict. So again this got me thinking that the 60s and the 70s that I idolise that must have been brilliant were in fact brilliant cause the 50s were so bad. I know nothing about the 1950’s. I was not even born in the 60s. I know about the 60s and 70s simply because of the music and fascination with the counterculture that existed then which led me to explore those eras. But ultimately the whole hippy movement was set against a backdrop of political turmoil and war.

5G Cell Masts and Deforestation

But I can actively SEE and FEEL the world changing rapidly now. These huge tall 5G Cell Towers and Masts being erected everywhere in the last year rapidly. The Trees being cut down absolutely relentlessly like it’s a race to cut down the most trees. Roadworks everywhere. New motorways. Nature being constantly eroded. More factory farms. There is also more poverty and more homelessness. Technology rapidly advancing. People more cut off from each other. Less kindness. Also bear in mind sonar weaponry was developed by the military and used for crowd control. 5G is said to be able to cause dangerous levels of radiation but makes a select few very wealthy. Here are some details of the Stop 5G from Space Appeal.

Technology 5G Dangers Art

When I was young I think childhood was different from now as less technology

Can we still enjoy ourselves though? And just like forget that the whole world is about to spontaneously combust? When I was younger I did not watch the news so I was quite blissful. But nowadays young people have the news forced on them on the internet so do they even have blissful childhoods any more?

I want to get Off Grid while there still is an Off Grid!

It can all make you feel pretty hopeless about the world and how to be happy in life. I can see and feel the world getting very different and I don’t like it. The thing is I feel okay when I am not in cities. It is living in cities that I do not like. But that is where the work is. If you live in a city and do a 9 to 5 job, get stuck in traffic every day going there and back and watch the news you are most likely going to be more stressed out.

So I just want to get off grid while there still is an off grid. At some point in the future there will not be an off grid. That really is a horrible thought. I think we need to slow down and just let nature be a while. Let it return to the natural homeostasis. Alan Watts was talking about this way back in the 1970s.

Is there any such thing as Off Grid now?

At one point you could be free of technology. But now 5G is being projected from Space. There is going to be nowhere on the planet where you can’t get a connection! I am not sure about out at sea as that used to be the truly off grid place. But now I think that with 5G projected from space out at sea won’t be off grid. You can check out the online petition above which details the harmful effects of 5G radiation and gives links to various scientific research. Interestingly none of the environmental organisations are talking about this. Why? There’s obviously benefits to this undoubtedly as technological advances bring great things too. But it would be nice if there were parts of the planet free from this.

Why is the world so violent?

Also society is horrifically violent. War. Torture. Experimentation on animals. Bloodsports. Factory Farms. Animal Food Industries. Slaughterhouses. Domestic violence. Street Crime. Genocides. Violence based medicine. Violence based food industries. Wildlife culling. Propaganda. Racism. The list goes on. But was the world always this violent? Maybe. It is worse or better? I don’t know. It did not seem violent in the 1980s. For me as I was a kid then. But even then I am sure it was I was just not aware of it. But if we look back to medieval times it certainly seemed absolutely barbaric. It seems wars have always raged on the Blue Planet. I am also aware that I seem to think the 1980s were great. I was a child then. 🙂 But no doubt there was bad stuff happening then.

What if the world was going to end?

Where would you want to be if the world was going to end? And with whom? Maybe there is nowhere you would want to be. Or no one you would want to be with. In which case it’s hardly surprising given how disconnected our society has become in the modern world. Imagine if you could not be with the person you loved when the world was ending. Talk about a traumatic death. Just as bad is if you never ever actually met the person that was going to be your soul mate or love of your life. Talk about depressing. In a world of millions not finding the right match to be with at the end of the world. Eek! Or equally bad being with a person you didn’t love.

Living in a Controlled Corporate Political World

We are ruled mostly by Governments, Politicians, Institutions, Militaries, Monarchies, Meat and Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, etc, etc. We are all programmed from birth in various ways to learn the status quo. It is embedded into everything including the education system. And the sheep police the sheeple. But that just gets boring. There’s no creativity there. If we all have to slot into a system where is the individuality? We have this violence based economy really what with wars, arms trades, violence based food industries, violence based science labs, violence based medicine that is just freaking scary. And there is an alternative to all of this. We can have societal systems that do constrain and crush people but are more flexible.


What’s with all the border lines and walls?

All these borders and lines drawn on the planet make it more and more complicated and difficult to travel. And they are constantly creating new ones instead of chilling out. Creating lines and borders don’t make people any safer. They make life difficult. We don’t own this planet we just live on it. We are all human beings. Who draws the lines? Someone that lives and dies like all of us who have a short time here. Any human born here should be free to roam. To go wherever calls them. And they are not. Which is utterly frustrating. Things could be a lot better and life would be more enjoyable if our lives were not so controlled and power hungry people weren’t gobbling up the world and controlling things out of fear and power. I think the best thing in life is to explore the world in its entirety and the best way to do that is to work your way around the world. But that is easier said than done.


We have an out dated working week system

Most people are getting up early when they are exhausted and battling traffic then queuing up most of their lunch hour then falling asleep after lunch then getting home late after travelling back too exhausted to even cook healthy. From an engineering perspective everyone getting up at the same time, lunching at the same time and returning home at the same time puts a lot of pressure on various systems. But most lives hinge on this existence which means people have no time to even think what they want out of life or why they are here as they struggle to survive and fit in and keep their head above water.

Should be more flexible working and shorter working hours

But it does not need to be like this. There are some jobs that require this. As in a receptionist needed somewhere at 9am. But there are lots of jobs where you should be able to work flexi hours or work from home or do a mixture yet businesses cling to this out dated system which again does not even produce the best results. It also does not create a good work life balance and for the most part is unworkable if people have child care commitments, illnesses they are trying to work with or other issues. This 9 to 5 idea is what most people have to revolve around at the expense of everything else in their lives. It is where most of their lives are spent. Mostly sitting on chairs and looking at a computer screen which is not at all healthy. In worse cases having to deal with office politics, gossip or a not so nice boss or stressful demands. SOS could now mean Sick Office Syndrome. Forward thinking businesses are starting to offer more flexible working arrangements.

Lots of People nowadays cannot AFFORD to EXIST

Then after working, at weekends do they even have money to do stuff. And if you are unemployed there is little financial support or training opportunities or upskilling. Life is go to primary school. Then secondary school. Then university. Get a good job. Get married. Get a mortgage. Have kids. A holiday a year. Retire. Right okay. Deviate from that and you are classed as a non conformist. Do that and if you are not happy with it then you are classed as not being right for not liking that life.

Mortgage means DEATH DEED

What if you do not do that? Cause you want to travel or you have other priorities? Most people nowadays cannot afford a mortgage on a house on their own. You would need a super well paid job or to do it with a partner. So it is very hard for single people either renting or getting a mortgage. People’s rent should be no more than a third of their total income but in a lot of cases rent takes up the bulk of the income due to low wages. By the way the word Mortgage originates from French words meaning death deed and you are kind of tied to it for life unless you sell up. But with the price and instability of renting you can see why people do want to buy. However would be great if it was made affordable. Some people have good jobs, nice houses and a good relationship. But a lot don’t.

Are we becoming Unthinking Zombies?

So if you feel out of sorts it’s hardly surprising. It really does look likely that we will be living in a world of zombified humans and technology. The forests have been decimated as have the oceans and the soil is dying due to pesticides and pollution. Wild animals have been hunted and slaughtered to near extinction while so called food animals are intensively bred in sadistic conditions. Yuck. The living bisophere of the planet is being rapidly destroyed and the very soil of the earth.

Mobile Phone Zombies Art

What are the problems?

There are many problems that affect our quality of life individually and they differ from person to person. There are also threats to humanity that we are completely unaware of and will never see on the mainstream news. Newspapers are filled with celebrity gossip as if it was the most important thing in the world. Problems and injustices that affect every day people are rarely voiced in the media. And celebrities themselves get it bad raised up then knocked down like they are not a human being at all just a hologram for entertainment or abuse. A very tough cross to carry. There are some shared concerns that we are all aware of which include:

Environmental Destruction – This includes deforestation, destruction of the oceans, overuse of pesticides, pollution of air and sea and soil, Subsidising destructive animal agriculture rather than creating new sustainable industries, fossil fuels, fracking, the list goes on. You could write a book of what is happening as regards to environmental destruction. This in turn has led to Climate change. Within this are water concerns also as in the future it will be the most valuable commodity and private companies are already buying up the worlds water supplies. Wildlife extinction is included here too as the constant slaughter of animals is destroying the living biosphere on the planet.

Human Rights – Every human has a right to a life free from harm and persecution and should be able to access food and housing and healthcare and the type of life they want. However there is intense persecution of various groups of people across the planet. This affects all of us, as at any time our country could be plunged into war and we may be the ones that need help. Animal Rights must be included in this too as what we do to other creatures we do to ourselves. We have wildlife extinction on a massive rate and the cruelty the human race bestows on the animal kingdom is nothing short of satanic.

War – Nuclear weapons are a massive threat to all of us and can destroy the planet and all life. Yet money is made from wars and the arms trade. World Politics are a minefield.

Creating a Pink Bubble

So can you forget about the state of the world and The Doomsday Clock? I think you would have to create like a pink bubble world to step into in the midst of the chaos. And that is the only way to survive. To create your own nice little life and hope the real world never bursts through. Unless your life itself is like a Doomsday clock ticking to impending doom. A microcosm of the macrocosm. I think the only way to escape the doomsday clock feeling is lots of money. Cause you need money for absolutely everything. And it protects you and gives you freedom. Only thing worse or as bad as no money is physical pain, ill health, heartbreak or imprisonment. No matter your circumstances they will be vastly improved with wealth. Money does protect you. But it shouldn’t be that way. Where money is the master of everything.

The Doomsday clock Gif

The Elders

If you look at the News and the way some Politicians behave it is scary. But there are intelligent and kind people on our planet. Such as THE ELDERS.

The Elders are independent global leaders, brought together by Nelson Mandela, who offer their collective influence and experience to support peace building, help address major causes of human suffering and promote the shared interests of humanity.

And these are the type of people that should be governing our planet. All over the world now politics is about money and doing deals while average people are plunging further into poverty which keeps us on the bottom rung of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs so we can’t self actualise. THE ELDERS are about protecting the environment and protecting human rights and they detail some of their Sparks of Hope.

Dystopia and Doomsday Clock DC Comics

To move further away from Midnight on The Doomsday Clock we need to move towards the type of world we would like to see rather than living in fear of the type of world we utterly dread. Unfortunately I feel we already living in Dystopia. Incidentally DC Comics have a Doomsday Clock Comic Book series.

Can WE help turn back the hands of The Doomsday Clock?

But the question is this. Can WE control the clock? And the answer to that has to be yes. Collectively. We can turn back time. Even if the people in power are walking a crazy path into chaos, we can choose to walk with the elders and those like them. And also to try and create the world we want and live the life we want. Get moving. Cause time is ticking on The Doomsday Clock which may one day strike Apocalypse!

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse gif

The Elders Vision

Here is the Vision of The Elders…

“Our vision is of a world where people live in peace, conscious of their common humanity and their shared responsibilities for each other, for the planet and for future generations.

We envisage a world in which there is universal respect for human rights; in which poverty has been eliminated; in which people are free from fear and oppression and are able to fulfil their true potential.”

The Elders was founded by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Nelson Mandela and is chaired by former Irish President Mary Robinson.

The Elders


All around the World people are trying to make active and positive change. We are not separate from the Earth we are part of it. If you think this is too overwhelming start small. Be Kind. To other people. To animals. Live in a way that does least harm. In a world that seems intent on hardening hearts, having an open heart is the only way to live. Hatred is a double edged sword. Indifference is even worse as we must always try to help and protect the vulnerable. All of us one day will be elderly and vulnerable. What we do to animals, others and the planet, we do to ourselves. A better world and a safer world begins with each of us.

warriors of the rainbow

(This post is by Anne-Marie at – Not to be reproduced without prior consent.)

Hippy Peace Love Flower Power Girl putting flower in gun gif

Hippy Peace Flower in gun photo

14 thoughts on “The DOOMSDAY CLOCK is 100 Seconds to MIDNIGHT :-( But The Elders are trying to Save Humanity…

  1. Wow powerful stuff, can I add though; totally know where you’re coming from but growing up through the eighties I did feel threatened. There was a big nuclear concern and it seemed to be portraited a lot in movie and TV entertainment. It hung over us in the news with the climate between the then super powers. I think it’s always seemed this close to midnight. Lets just hope it’s not any life time we and our friend and families have to live through.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Interesting. I think I felt safe in the 1980’s as I was just a kid then so it was all about the great movies, the fashions and the music. 🙂 And I never watched the news. And we did not have technology like internet, social media, email and mobile phones. Older people read newspapers and watched the news on TV. But as a child you were in a little bubble of bliss. Which makes me wonder if it is age and awareness that makes you see the world as being more scary. Not so much that it is worse. If we look at other times in history maybe people that lived through them would say they were the worst times. For my life so far I feel the world getting worse as I am seeing trees being cut down in a way I have never seen before and cell towers erected that look horribly dystopian. I know I have nostalgia for the 1980s and know little of the political events that happened then. When I watch videos of the 1970s I see environment was even a big issue back then, But at this point in time I think things are getting critical.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your absolutely right. Having children I worry for there future. I sit with my wife and from time to time just see the world turning to shit. I guessing I’m a little older than you and realise perception plays a big part in this but there will always be a bad thing going on. For what it’s worth and I know it’s easier said than done, but I try more now than ever to see the good in what’s around me and the good that’s left in the world and take pleasure in that. I’ve gone on enough now, so I’ll shut up👍🏻😁❤️

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes you’re older than me so have probably lived through darker times! And yes there’s always a bad thing going on. You have just the right attitude. 🙂 I try to see the good too. And avoid banging into the 5G Cell Towers! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes.There is a lot of propaganda and scapegoating of various races. A lot of media seems to actively encourage hating already vulnerable groups which is cruel. And individuals seem to have less and less power as time marches on.


  2. wow, you have put a lot of thought into this, and it is greatly appreciated. I loved growing up in the 60s (I was born in 1957), and I just hope every 10 year old today still has as great, and innocent, childhood as I had. The world is certainly different today than it was 50 years ago, or even 10 years ago. As to the increased violence, Steven Pinker’s great book, The Better Angels of our Nature makes a pretty convincing case that even though it may seem that way, the evidence does not support it. And one interesting side note, we had Mary McAleese, former President of Ireland, as our commencement speaker at Villanova back in 2005. I had the chance to meet her, as did my Mom and Aunt.

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    1. I also forgot to note that when we retire, my wife and I actually want to move into the city, as opposed to out in the country. we just like the buzz and the convenience of being around lots of people and activities…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Re you moving into the city. You have such a positive upbeat attitude. It’s great! Way to be really. And it’s great you are both into the same stuff.

        I love nature more than anything. But I also love theatre and live music and nice food and stuff and cities have a lot to offer in that respect. I liked cities in the past but now I want to live next to an uncomnercialised stretch of ocean. 🦋

        Liked by 1 person

  3. That book sounds interesting. You’ve met some good people. Will Tuttle too! I only wish world leaders and Global Peace advocates would read his book “The World Peace Diet”. I loved the era I grew up in too. TV was great, things were more innocent, society seemed kinder, we played board games, cycled. played outdoors, read a lot of books, had great holidays. I see children now and it’s certainly a more pressurised world for them.


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