Doodle Art of a Girl in a Room on Microsoft Fresh Paint and listening to The Bangles

Girl in a Room

Just trying to create art with Microsoft Fresh Paint on my not very good laptop. Have to draw and paint using the mouse which is a little awkward. I put a mouse in the picture can you see him? The cat is watching him. I need to work on that tulip a bit. 🙂 Anyway just from imagination.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

What’s up with the fact that almost every place you rent has Magnolia walls?

Love The Bangles. 🙂 I’d love to live in a place with purple doors like in that video. Or are they cornflour blue? Either way they’re a lovely vibrant colour. So cool. I love colour. What is up with everyone painting everything Magnolia. Such a boring tedious colour, a grey cream white beige. Every place you rent now is Magnolia with the warning that you are not allowed to paint. Or put up pictures often. And sometimes not to light candles. World needs more colour. 🙂 Every rented property seems to have magnolia walls. It baffles me.

(Girl in a Room Art is by Anne-Marie at – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.)

5 thoughts on “Doodle Art of a Girl in a Room on Microsoft Fresh Paint and listening to The Bangles

        1. I wouldn’t mind one white walled empty zen room. But magnolia. Eek. You’re lucky you like it. Its absolutely everywhere. Theres so much colour in the universe. But Magnolia seems the status quo. Great if it’s a colour you like. But theres actually stipulations in housing design etc that they have to paint the walls magnolia which means it’s like forced on a lot of people. In most rented accommodation you are not allowed to.paint walls nice colours. There are other neutral colours like lemon, warm peaches etc. But lucky you living in a world that loves magnolia walls as much as you do! 😀🌏

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        2. I should point out that my color choice is more driven by the status quo and being lazy. If I moved somewhere and the walls were a sickly green, the odds are high I would just live with it! But I agree that people should be allowed to choose their wall colors, and then if they have to, before they move out, color it back to the way it was.

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